Centurion Systems

April 2005 Conferences & Events

Centurion Systems launched two new products that it has developed and is manufacturing locally:

* The Polophone - what makes this product unique is that besides the company Microsound which manufactures intercoms for commercial applications, the Polophone is the first locally developed and manufactured intercom that targets the domestic market.

The company received exceptional response for the product not only from local clients but also from international visitors to the stand.

It is important to note that Centurion Systems remains committed to the Legrand intercom range that it has been distributing into the South African market since 1995.

This Spanish manufactured product targets the premium brand sector of the domestic and commercial intercom market and includes a full range of video systems which Centurion currently do not offer.

* The Solo and Lattice Range of proximity access control - a range of 13,56 MHz proximity access control equipment targeting once again the entry level sector of the market.

The Solo is purely a standalone unit that can handle up to 50 tag holders and offers some very useful features that are not typically available with systems of this size.

The Lattice is a very clever concept in access control in that it allows the client to start with a standalone unit with 1000 tag holder capability and upgrade the system as and when required into a network with up to 32 readers. The Lattice will also interface with a PC network using Lattice-Ware providing increased functionality and easier administration of the system.

At the show, the company held a dinner for its clients, which attracted representatives from Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, UAE, Bahrain, Malaysia, Australia, Mauritius and Reunion.

At the show, Centurion Systems also hosted its first distributor awards evening. This was a programme that it had implemented during the first quarter of last year to foster some competitive spirit between all the South African distributors of Centurion products.

Top distributors –  Athol Kerst, Securipower, Eastern Cape (regional winner), Pat Dickens, Centurion Systems and  Tineke Jones, Dumela Trust, Bloemfontein (regional runner-up)
Top distributors – Athol Kerst, Securipower, Eastern Cape (regional winner), Pat Dickens, Centurion Systems and Tineke Jones, Dumela Trust, Bloemfontein (regional runner-up)

The awards were adjudicated on the performance of the company's distributors over the past 12 months against a variety of factors, such as growth, loyalty, product knowledge and promotion. A gala dinner was held at the Johannesburg Country Club to announce the winner and runner up in the different groups of distributors.


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