New Identix Fingerscan V20 reader provides window on future access control.

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Designed from the ground up to fortify today’s access control systems, Identix’ new Fingerscan V20 readers also lay the cornerstone for tomorrow’s enterprise-wide access control. Part of an overall architecture that lowers door management costs, the Fingerscan V20 readers also align themselves with the needs of information technology (IT) requirements. The new readers bridge the gap between present and future access control systems by fully integrating multiple card technologies, providing low-cost Ethernet connectivity and featuring IT compatibility.

The Fingerscan V20 readers use the scanning technology and patented ID Safe software algorithms of Identix Access Control’s sister division, Identicator Technology. The ID Safe technology has become a leading technology used in biometric PC and network access applications with partners such as Compaq, Novell, Cherry and KeyTronics. To date, over 54 million people have been enrolled using ID Safe technology.

“These readers are a preview of what access control will be,” emphasises Bill Spence, Identix Vice President, BioSecurity Access Control. “Soon, people will be able to access both their doors and PCs with the touch of a finger.”

Utilising a Wiegand interface, the Fingerscan V20 reader easily integrates into existing card systems and is backward compatible with Identix TouchLock II and original Fingerscan readers. The reader can be used in a standalone or networked configuration and may be configured to directly unlock a door. Internal user memory is standard with room for 512 users and can be optionally expanded to over 32 000 people. Enrolment in the system is fast, requiring only one simple touch of a finger on the reader.

Integrated card technologies

For companies employing proximity to tighten access to data rooms, vaults and other high security areas, the new Identix Fingerscan V20 reader offers a fully integrated proximity card reader. This option is ergonomically designed so that in a fast, simple, single motion, both finger and proximity card are read.

The new reader also has room for a smartcard reader. Since the template is on the card, template management is simplified. Unlike some other biometric technologies, once written, the template never changes.


“The market has been demanding a low-cost Ethernet solution from biometrics suppliers to provide lower cost, standardised networking. In addition, as the choice of access control systems is being influenced by IT departments, there has been increased insistence that they provide a pathway to full enterprise reporting,” adds Spence. “We are the first to make the Ethernet options available at a truly reasonable cost. Customers can order it now or easily upgrade from standalone systems later.”

For details contact Hi Tec Laboratory on telephone (011) 958 0703, fax (011) 958 0706.

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