Stealth set to establish independent identity

February 2003 News

Stealth Video Technologies, formerly known as Spestech, and previously owned by the Servest Group and Techpro was recently acquired by two previous directors, Mike Green and Mike Caffery.

The company, which has been an electronic solutions provider in the field of video switching/titling and data on video interfacing, has relocated from the Techpro offices, and the trading name changed to Stealth Video Technologies to establish its own independent identity.

The range of standard Stealth products include video matrix switchers of various sizes and configurations, single and multichannel data on video interface devices, data conversion devices, fibre-optic RX-TX units.

The matrix switchers, which range from a standalone 32 Input x 8 output unit to rack-mounted units which are ascendable, in multiples of 16, in any input/output combination and capable of supporting up to 4096 x inputs to 64 x outputs. An additional feature of the video matrix switcher is that it provides, as standard, 8 x RS232 and 8 x RS422 control ports per cage. This enables the control of external devices, such as PTZ cameras, thereby eliminating the need for external data translators commonly required in large CCTV systems.

The rack-mount units are inter-connected by means of internal cage interlinks as opposed to the conventional, and somewhat troublesome, ribbon cables. An operator-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) enables the system to be easily user configured, on-site, to meet the specific operational requirements. In the event that the operational requirements change at a later date, the configuration set-up can be changed by the operator's own system administrator.

Video titling, either single channel or 96 x way patch panel units can be tailored to the exact requirements of the project or application. Data interfacing allows the activity of devices such as cash registers, coin and note counters, scales and other weighing equipment to be superimposed onto the relevant camera view thereby recording the actual transaction in view. Almost any device, which has a display or printer output, could be linked to a new or existing surveillance system, which will enable the event and relevant transaction, details to be captured simultaneously.

The complete range of Stealth products, including the associated software, is written, designed and manufactured in South Africa, to international standards. The company's equipment is currently installed in most of the major casino groups, cinema chains, bars and restaurant franchises, coin/note and cash register suppliers (which are subsequently used in a multiplicity of various applications).

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