Centurion wins design award

October 2002 Access Control & Identity Management

Centurion Systems has received a design award from the SABS Design Institute for its Centurion Remote Controls Classic, Smart and Nova.

Handheld remotes come in a range of models
Handheld remotes come in a range of models

A major innovation is the C-shaped clip that holds the casing of the remote together. As a result of this design, the compact remote does not have screws and thus allows quick and easy access to set the dipswitch code (Classic only) or replace the battery.

The casing of the remote can be rotated so that the buttons are always in the correct position and comfortable to use, whether the remote is hanging from the keys in a vehicle's ignition or with a bunch of keys in the hand. Additional safety features include button identification by touch when operated in the dark or when used by visually impaired persons.

Every unit is supplied with a clip that allows the remote to be clipped onto a trouser belt, motor vehicle sun visor or other place. Alternatively, it can be screwed to a wall, acting as a convenient pendant control for the gate or garage door operator.

The handheld remotes come in a range of models, viz:

* Classic uses code setting by binary dip switches. The manual code setting allows for convenient after-sales supply of additional remotes. This model is compatible with most (403 MHz) 12 binary dipswitch systems manufactured in South Africa.

* Smart is a remote control system using 'self-learning' technology to make it easy to set up. Each transmitter has a unique code, obviating the need to set dip switches. Furthermore, no two codes are alike.

* The Nova system incorporates code-hopping/rolling code technology and a unique randomly changing code that is transmitted with each operation, making it impossible to duplicate the system.

The handheld remotes are available in one, two, three or four-button versions. (Classic is limited to three.)

The remotes are supplied in a variety of colours, but can be further individualised using the affordable Funkey kits. These allow the user to mix and match different colour combinations of casings, belt clips and buttons. The Funkey kits come in packs of four replacement housings, clips and buttons in different colours of matching shade or single colours for the 1, 2, 3 or 4 button versions. The single colour packs are suitable for customising a series of remotes for a townhouse complex, factory installation, etc.

For more information contact Centurion Systems, 011 699 2400, sales@centsys.co.za

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