SchlumbergerSema develops Java-based security checker

May 2002 Access Control & Identity Management

SchlumbergerSema, a business unit of Schlumberger Limited, recently announced its Codeshield applet verification software. This is the first on-card code verifier optimised for use on new-generation Java-powered smartcards to overcome traditional barriers of program size and performance.

Co-developed with Trusted Logic, this technology is expected to become a key differentiator for banks and other organisations that require high levels of trust for building customer loyalty. SchlumbergerSema will also license the software to third parties, accelerating the adoption and deployment of JavaCard technology. The Codeshield technology is the first practical and effective means of checking the 'health' of Java applets downloaded to smartcards in the field. It addresses the key security concern currently inhibiting many organisations from taking full advantage of the benefits of Java-based smartcards: the risk of their customers downloading an unsafe applet.

Codeshield software removes that risk through compulsory checks on the integrity of any applet the cardholder tries to install. The software rejects any suspect applet before it reaches the card. The Codeshield software integrated into a SchlumbergerSema Java-based smartcard will be available later this year.

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