Overseas company seeks local partner

December 2001 Access Control & Identity Management

Morley Electronics is in the process of adding the next stage of its Sentinel range of controllers as it seeks partners to move into the South African electronic security market. Sentinel is a two-door access control range able to operate as a standalone controller, but which can also be networked by adding a twisted pair between controllers, with up to 16 controllers able to operate in a network without a PC.

Morley has also just released a new software control package, Sentinel Lite, for its Sentinel access control range. Sentinel Lite is designed to be used by both experienced and new PC users. Morley's John Allen says: "Using our knowledge of access control requirements and our software engineering skills, our in-house software design team has developed a solution which will extend the benefits of PC controlled access control to Sentinel users."

According to Allen, the company's entry into the local market would be facilitated via a distributor or representative with both experience and exposure to the SA market, who could help Morley develop a presence in SA and provide input to product/market requirements."The value-add we bring is in our ability to provide access control solutions, but we are very aware of the need to show integrity and support," concludes Allen.

For further details contact John Allen, Morley Electronics at jallen@morleyuk.co.uk

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