Curb seasonal shrinkage

October 2011 Security by Industry Sector, Retail (Industry)

As seasonal stock levels rise, so does theft from retail outlets in all its forms, whether it is dishonest employees pilfering merchandise from stock rooms or planned break-ins by organised criminals. Use the pre-season preparation time to check security measures, particularly physical barriers, which can provide a disheartening obstacle to would-be robbers.

“Security cannot patrol all areas all the time, but barriers can do this job for you if they are custom manufactured to fit the purpose,” says Paul van Blerk, Trellidor commercial manager. Barriers are particularly useful after hours, when items such as pharmaceuticals sold in-store have to be inaccessible by law, or where shop fronts are vulnerable to attack in isolated areas.

“We have a number of solutions that can be tailored to suit the conditions, and some of these are manufactured in varying strengths to suit budgets as well as the location’s risk profile,” says van Blerk.

The options include:

* Trellis style retractable barriers that can be recessed into a wall cavity during trading hours if necessary. If installed in goods storage facilities, delivery areas and doorways, these gates can be kept closed and locked until access has been approved. Retractable security gates can be manufactured to comply with health and safety regulations, such as unobstructed walkways and locks that are accessible to those in wheelchairs. These gates are designed to move smoothly so that even very wide gates such as the 8 m versions installed at Medi+Rite outlets are easy to slide into the recess.

* Roller shutters. Unlike the better known steel shutter, aluminium versions are lightweight, low maintenance and can be fully automated and remote controlled. Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters provide control options that can be programmed to allow an operator to open a group of shutters individually or all together, depending on situational needs.

For more information contact Trellidor, +27 (0)31 508 0800,,

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