40 billion protected

October 2011 Security by Industry Sector, Retail (Industry)

Tyco Retail Solutions protects 40 billion items.

Tyco Retail Solutions has announced a new industry milestone for its Sensormatic brand anti-theft source tagging programme, achieving 40 billion consumer items protected for retailers globally.

The 2010 Global Retail Theft Barometer ranks branded items such as power tools and building supplies from do it yourself and home improvement retailers among the most stolen merchandise globally.

To protect these items with high metallic content and packaging, retailers such as Lowe’s depend on the highly effective anti-theft protection offered by Sensormatic acousto-magnetic (AM) based EAS systems. By layering this technology with the Sensormatic anti-theft source tagging program, retailers can achieve the often conflicting goals of improved item security protection while allowing products to be openly displayed for enhanced shopper convenience.

“The Sensormatic source tagging program offers us a number of important benefits,” said Claude Verville, VP of Loss Prevention and Safety, Lowe’s Companies. “With buy in from merchandising executives, our source tagging program enables more accurate on shelf inventory, less shrink and open merchandising. The program makes it easier for our customers to enjoy their shopping experience without having items inaccessible in locked cabinets or on cables.”

Benefits of Tyco Retail Solutions’ source tagging program include:

* Reduced store labour costs – efficient application of anti-shoplifting tags at the source eliminates the need to tag in the store.

*Increased product velocity to the selling floor – new merchandise arrives at the store floor ready.

* Enhanced customer focus – store associates are free to assist shoppers instead of applying tags.

* Improved merchandising – placing hidden labels inside products or packaging while maintaining packaging aesthetics promotes open merchandising.

* Increased sales – moving inventory from behind counters or locked cases, making it readily accessible to the shopper.

* Reduced shrinkage – ensuring consistent tagging compliance for effective protection of goods.

* Retail sustainability program support – reducing over-packaging intended to deter shoplifting.

For more information contact Tyco Retail Solutions, +1 (561) 912-6066, [email protected], www.tycoretailsolutions.com

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