Know your security personnel

September 2011 Associations

Knowledge is safety.

South Africa has become a hot bed of crime and fraudulent behaviour and there are many places and people on whom we can lay blame. For many businesses and private residential estates, security is high on the agenda and outsourcing of these services is a given. Instead of placing blame, you can prevent criminal activity, by ensuring you know your security service provider and their staff.

Economic pressures are driving businesses and individuals to seek security companies who operate at the cheapest rates, but are not necessarily compliant with industry standards, employ unqualified personnel and pay low wages. Through due diligence, assessing your risks and ensuring that you understand security industry standards, you can protect yourself from criminal and fraudulent behaviour.

PSIRA is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. Through PSIRA, private security service providers are held to a code of conduct, training standards and regulations and the Private Security Regulation Act.

The South African Security Association (SASA) is a representative for all security aspects in South Africa, an advocate for industry and a custodian of professional business practices. SASA ensures industry representatives and businesses are professional institutions who are compliant and abide by the laws that govern the industry. Members of this association are required to be in compliance and of good standing with PSIRA, operational staff have to be registered with PSIRA, the company has to be registered with CIPRO and security guards have to be treated fairly and paid according to industry standards.

Protection can also be ensured by implementing an independent screening strategy. Instead of relying on a security service provider’s word, take it upon yourself to assure the screening is done according to your pre-determined level and not the service provider. A screening strategy can eliminate concerns regarding a company’s compliance with industry standards, BEE standing and credit history. Security guard’s can be screened for criminal and credit history, qualifications and verification of ID and work permits.

Being prepared and incorporating your own preventative measures will avert the most obvious pitfalls for companies, individuals and security service providers.

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