Competition heating up in fire suppression

May 2011 Fire & Safety

In an industry where technology advancement is often thwarted by a mirage of tough legislation, water mist systems have emerged on the other side. Initially meant for use in the marine industry to replace fire sprinklers onboard ships, their success has quickly spread into numerous land applications. In its latest fire research, IMS Research ( forecasts water mist systems to be the only fire suppression product to grow more than double digit over the next five years.

Report author and market analyst at IMS Research Justin Siller comments, “With most water mist systems suppliers headquartered in Europe, it is clear to see why Europe remains the focal point for water mist production, accounting for more than two-thirds of total global revenues”. Siller continues, “As a relatively new technology compared to other fire suppression products, water mist systems continue to gain traction in the market on the back of the technologies ability to be easily refit after discharge, and its reduced water consumption.” IMS Research forecasts water mist systems to grow revenues close to four times those of any other fire suppression product in Europe.

In comparison, the water mist system markets in the Americas and Asia remain niche with a preference toward more traditional fire suppression systems; but this is changing. Justin Siller comments, “In the Americas, water mist systems are beginning to find their way into a number of leading hotels, museums and other high-end industry while in Asia, the use of water mist systems is expected to ramp up each year due to the large ship-building industries in countries such as South Korea and China”. Siller continues, “The successes in both regions, coupled with a decreasing average selling price, is likely to drive the shift to water mist systems for some time to come.”

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