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May 2011 Access Control & Identity Management

Software and hardware combine for efficient access and guard control.

Elvey Security Technologies is proud to introduce the new AC2000 SE to its stable of internationally-acclaimed security products.

Both the hardware and software elements of this powerful, fully integrated access control, alarm processing and photo badging system are produced by the manufacturer, which opens the door to unique customisation capabilities.

Says Zane Greef, Elvey’s technical director: “Unlike many of the other access control products on the market, the AC2000 SE (standard edition) security management system is integratable with third-party security systems such as video, intercoms, intrusion, fire and perimeter detection. The days are long gone for inflexible, one-size-fits-all solutions. In today’s security-conscious business world, companies want customised systems capable of addressing their unique challenges. With the AC2000 standard edition, access control and security management worries are the thing of the past.”

Designed with heavy industry in mind, the AC2000 SE has been successfully installed at large facilities around the world including oil refineries, mines, ports, corporate premises and universities. Understanding that each site has its own unique challenges, the manufacturer CEM works continuously to ensure that its product is able to meet the most exacting of security needs, says Greeff.

The standard edition server uses either the Unix or Linux operating system, which provides the system with a highly sophisticated level of power, while the Window-based workstation presents a familiar and easy-to-use, front-end application.

Despite its advanced hardware, the system is compatible with read heads from third-party manufacturers. The range of card readers comes with an LCD display in addition to an on-board database, adding to the overall resilience of the system. In the unlikely event of a server communications failure, the reader will continue to operate and store transactions offline, ensuring zero system downtime.

The system also boasts a visual imaging pass production system (VIPPS), which allows users to produce permanent and temporary identification badges, and can also be used to enrol fingerprint biometric templates onto the server.

Another of the AC2000SE’s exciting features is its virtually limitless expandability, continues Greeff. This allows a business to expand its access control system as it grows through the simple addition of Ethernet-enabled controllers or card readers to the network.

Whereas many other access control systems end up adding to the panic caused by fire and other emergency situations as a result of people trying to rush out of buildings en masse, he notes, AC200SE’s server will transmit a message to the card readers to open all the doors to ensure the safe exit of staff and visitors. The intelligent system can also switch on lighting, heating and other external systems at pre-defined times, and allow readers to be programmed and managed remotely. Users can also change functional parameters and receive updates.

For security professionals who require details of transaction outcomes and alarms, a module called ‘Rolling Transaction Display’ is available. Explaining how it works, Greeff says that when a card is swiped at a reader, the cardholder’s image and associated personal details are displayed on the operator’s computer. “This allows the guard to check that it is the approved person using the card and not an imposter.”

In addition to its impressive range of standard features, the AC2000 SE has a number of optional extra modules designed to further enhance a facility’s security. Its access control system allows for an advanced level of seamless integration through the use of industry standard interfaces. These, he says, can be integrated with deployed sub-systems such as intruder, fire, CCTV, DVRs (digital video recorders), NVRs (network video recorders), intercoms and perimeter detection.

The alarm event display module (AED) provides a complete graphical and textual representation of the status of the entire system. It also responds to all alarm situations in real-time, providing a dynamic on-screen interface to external CCTV systems and facilities for CCTV switching, remote door broadcasting and audio output in response to alarm events.

Some facilities consider a fully integrated biometric and access control system critical to their security requirements. In such instances, he recommends the S610f fingerprint reader, which offers three stage identity authentication.

For more information contact Elvey Security Technologies, +27 (0)11 401 6700, [email protected],


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