IntraVUE Ethernet communications

September 2010 Cyber Security

Ethernet network issues can start as unknown nuisances and grow into large or more complex problems. Many unpredictable issues are induced by harsh environments or changes in your applications. An intermittent problem or random communication outage can be caused by a misbehaving device,

improperly configured systems, duplicate addresses, wiring mistakes, or infrastructure problems. IntraVUE software allows users to easily identify the most common communication problems, and can capture the problems even if you are not available. IntraVUE can also identify issues that currently go unnoticed or are seen as performance problems.

IntraVUE keeps a close watch on all your devices communicating over Ethernet so you do not have to.

* Focused diagnostics monitors the typical problems experienced when connecting PLCs, drives, I/O, cameras, and scada systems to Ethernet.

* Reduce or eliminate the burden placed on local resources that may be required to support your plant floor Ethernet communication.

* Reduce the need for costly on-site visits by outside experts that can cost thousands and not guarantee a resolution to intermittent problems.

* Ensure the proper installation and operation of industrial devices communicating over Ethernet as well as preventive maintenance actions.

For more information contact Lapp Kabel, +27 (0)11 201 3200, [email protected],


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