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September 2010 Access Control & Identity Management

Biometrics offers converged security solutions.

In many companies, the accounting system is the only source of consolidated information on the use or abuse of company assets. There are two serious limitations when using a financial system for management information:

* It is not immediate. It can take months before major problems are expressed in financial terms, and a trend identified.

* It cannot track people: knowing what you pay someone tells you nothing about what their time and skills earn for your company. Knowing that stock is missing, tells you nothing about who could have taken it.

The Vision Software Suite from Uniclox is a single point of convergence for all time and activity data in an organisation. A network of automated RFID or biometric terminals gathers accurate data Vision consolidates it for direct management reporting or for distribution to other software applications. Time and activity data can be used for:

* Area-based, employee-specific access control.

* Automated time and attendance clocking.

* Workstation, project or client-based activity tracking.


“Whenever data must be typed or written as part of the process, only the minimum of information is captured and the system is open to fraud and human error,” warns Raymond Noppé, MD of Uniclox Technologies. “Despite hours of typing, processing and cross-checking, the result is always unreliable: errors in the payroll, unexplained unchargeable hours and a poor audit trail to deal with queries.

“With an automated terminal the employee presents his finger, hand, face or ID card to the sensor and access is either granted or denied. Every access control terminal admits only authorised personnel, and then provides a 24/7 time audit of every person who has entered and left the zone. If the terminal doubles as a clocking location, arrival or departure times are simultaneously recorded for payroll.”

The core information stored is 'who, where and when'. For detailed activity tracking, a job number and task ID is then requested. For shop floor data collection, the use of equipment or raw materials is entered.

Potential applications of this solution are wide-ranging. Employees can use their fingerprint to pay for a canteen lunch or accept a delivery from stores. The Vision Smart Patrol solution makes use of portable RFID technology to identify which security staff were on duty, as well as the physical extent and timing of their patrols.

Uniclox recommends that Biometric clocking systems are the preferred choice where infrastructure and practicality permit. “A card or access code does not in fact authenticate the user – it only confirms that the card or number is valid,” explains Noppé. “Biometric systems are not only harder to cheat, they also reduce administration time and costs – there is no need to continually change passwords or PIN numbers, allocate cards or retrieve security tags from ex-employees.”


Data collected by automated terminals is transferred via the computer network or USB, and securely stored in a Windows-based time tracking software application. Time transactions can be updated, added or edited with a full audit trail and security.

Uniclox Technologies experienced personnel can integrate Vision software seamlessly with ERP, HR and Payroll applications to reduce input errors or fraud.


Management reports give managers immediate access to accurate, unbiased productivity information for analysis and decision support.

* Time and attendance: Do not waste time arbitrating overtime or late arrivals. Always know who is on the premises, and who is absent from their shift.

* Access control: Track who enters and leaves high-security areas like warehouses, IT server rooms or executive suites.

* Activity-based costing: Monitor labour costs for productivity analysis or to invoice chargeable hours.

For more information contact Uniclox Technologies, +27 (0)11 439 2000, [email protected],


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