Occupied vehicle inspection system

May 2010 Access Control & Identity Management

HAB makes it easy to scan the contents of vehicles.

HAB has announced the Rapiscan Eagle C02, a re-locatable inspection system that has been designed to scan cars and small vehicles to verify the contents and identify the presence of hidden contraband, such as weapons, explosives and narcotics. The Eagle C02 unit is self-contained with all the equipment and features required to perform inspections at locations, such as critical infrastructure sites, government facilities and major event venues.

High-quality X-ray images of vehicles, its occupants and its contents are produced and immediately displayed on a monitor at the inspection workstation. The system automatically scans a car or small vehicles when driven through a stationary inspection tunnel in either direction and does not require operator intervention except to inspect the series of X-ray images. The Eagle C02 scans vehicles up to 3 m high by 3 m wide of any length and requires no civil works, except for the provision of a single phase mains supply and a flat space on which to install the equipment.

The Eagle C02 features Rapiscan’s material separation technology that detects low density materials, which appear differently in the X-ray image to high density materials, such as steel. It also has an occupied vehicle scanning capability with several specialist sensors which work together to ensure that passenger dose is in line with typical international radiation safety regulations.

Key features

* Drive-through scanning of occupied vehicles.

* High throughput scanning.

* Meets radiation safety standards.

* Industry leading X-ray image quality.

* Rapiscan Cargo Viewer software.

* Operator Assist tools.

* Compact exclusion zone (less than 2 m around the equipment).


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