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The Fire Detection Installers Association (FDIA) was formed in June 1999 to provide representation and leadership to the fire detection industry. The Gas Extinguishing Division (GED) and Public Address division were later incorporated into the FDIA.

What is its purpose?

The FDIA and GED provide services to uplift the quality and professionalism within the fire industry through training and by informing its members, consulting engineers and specifiers of changes and technologies within and affecting the industry. Its Website and e-mail newsletters are the means by which it provides an overall service to the South African community.

Who administers it?

The FDIA is administered by a committee elected by its members from within the relevant fire detection and gaseous extinguishing industries.

All FDIA members are provided with the latest relevant SANS (South African National Standards). It is to these standards to which they agree to base all their system design, installation and maintenance, thereby assisting to uphold the industry standards.

Who are its members?

Currently the FDIA has over 80 members listed. Check the FDIA website for the latest list of members, categorised according to their member grading and geographical representation.

Memberships are open to any company which gains its income from, or has an interest in, the supply, design, installation or servicing of fire detection systems, gaseous extinguishing systems or evacuation systems.

FDIA companies have to be in possession of, and work in accordance with, the current edition of the relevant standards:

1. SANS 10139, SANS 246, and SANS 322 for detection division members and

2. SANS 306-part 4, SANS 14520-part 1 and SANS 369 parts 1 and 2 for gas division members.

Laura Swart, chairperson of the FDIA commented in a recent FDIA newsletter on the significant tightening up of registration of new companies joining the FDIA. “We have scrapped the interim member facility and companies now have to prove they have trained staff and or have completed installations that can be inspected to see if they conform to specified standards. We have in fact rejected more applications this year than accepted new members,” she said.

What services does the FDIA provide?

The FDIA and its affiliates provide various associated services listed below:

1. Training

2. Registration

3. Third-party Inspections


The FDIA does not provide direct training courses but supports accredited private training establishments. However, the FDIA has accredited training courses offered by Fire Systems Training, a private company providing training at all courses levels.

Fire detection courses are provided for beginners in the fire detection industry through to advanced detection and design courses. Gaseous extinguishing system training courses are provided for basic theory, CO2 and clean agent gases.

Special rates are applicable to FDIA members.

For more information about this service, visit

Achievements of the FDIA

The FDIA has grown into a reputable association, now recognised as the representative body for the fire detection and gaseous extinguishing industries, despite the lack of legislation in place.


* Enforces a Code of Ethics within its membership.

* Provides intercommunications with allied associations on all matters of interest to FDIA members, eg, PSIRA, ECSA, DoL, ASIB, SAQCC, etc.

* Endorses an educational programme for the interpretation and application of codes & standards pertaining to detection and gas systems.

* Training: The FDIA has accredited the training offered by Fire Systems Training on detection, design and gas courses.

Benefits of the FDIA

* Industry representation on relevant, identified and influential bodies.

* Promotion of interests of the industry.

* Access to established, implemented and industry enforced Code of Ethics and a body that provides conflict resolution between members and other stakeholders.

* Access to information that keeps members abreast of relevant national and international trends.

* Access to subsidised training courses.

* Access to workshops and other events.

* Access to industry related information that has been interpreted on behalf of the members.

* Access to advice, support and services to promote compliance with standards.

* Opportunity to attend relevant networking.

* Adherence to minimum entry and operating standards.

* Differentiation for FDIA members amongst clients.

For more information contact Elmarie de Marillac, Secretary for and on behalf of FDIA, +27 (0)87 808 7527 (08h00 to 12h00),,

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