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May 2009 Fire & Safety

Prior to the late ’80s Halon was considered the best extinguishing agent for total gaseous flooding systems. However, serious concerns on the effects on the depletion of the ozone layer led to its total ban from use in new systems and in many countries decommissions was mandatory. This led to a search for new effective means of alternative extinguishing agents. Halon 1301 was phased out by regulations in most countries and ECKOSHIELD-227 is regarded as being one of the choice clean alternatives to Halon 1301 extinguishing systems.

The Eckoshield-227 pre-engineered system is SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) approved. It is fast and effective with a low space weight characteristic, which is also environmentally-acceptable. It is safe for human exposure and extensively used throughout the continent of Africa and backed up by a major service network.

Ideal application areas

Inergen is ideal for every type of room where there are people as well as valuable items of property. Inergen is a very dry gas mixture, so it has low conductivity. This aspect is especially important for applications in transformer and high-voltage rooms where non-insulated components are installed.

During the extinguishing process, Inergen systems reduce the air humidity, minimising the probability of sparkovers which could cause a further fire risk. Inergen is a composition of natural gases found in the atmosphere and thus there are no environmental issues relating to its potential discharge.

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