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September 2008 Access Control & Identity Management

Many companies routinely control building access using Pro-Watch, Honeywell’s advanced access control system because it manages IT network access using enterprise network authentication infrastructure in parallel. Today, the physical and the logical live in separate technology silos. SmartPlus Imprivata Connector enables seamless communication between the two systems to effect a stronger, and more compliant, overall security posture.

The SmartPlus Imprivata Connector uses OneSign Physical/Logical to enable Pro-Watch to provide a single point of authentication management. It effectively closes security gaps that exist when physical access control and IT network authentication systems live in self-contained silos. Using a single Web-based interface, OneSign Physical/Logical enables the mapping of identities contained within Pro-Watch and corporate IT directories. The SmartPlus Imprivata Connector allows network access and badging privileges based on an employee’s status, role within the organisation, and/or physical location.

Companies can gain greater security control by tying network access to badging into the building – or a zone or room within the building – in order to ensure only valid employees gain access. In addition, if a remote VPN access request comes in from a user ID that is already authenticated within the building and to the local network, OneSign will deny remote access, mitigating rogue, remote VPN access attempts.

The SmartPlus Imprivata Connector helps Pro-Watch work together to deliver the following benefits:

* Tie network access to physical location: Gain greater security control by tying network access.

* Enforce your anti-tailgating policy: Anti-tailgating or piggybacking policies are difficult to enforce without deployment of expensive and burdensome turnstile ingress/egress systems. The combined power of Pro-Watch and OneSign works to enforce anti-tailgating policy by tying a user’s building badge events with network access. If a user does not badge into your building, he does not get access to the network.

* Instant user lock-out: Revoking a user from Pro-Watch instantly locks the user from network access, both local and remote VPN. Instant user lockout effectively closes security gaps that exist between the days or weeks – or in some cases, never – of deprovisioning non-active identities from local and remote IT directories.

* Consolidated monitoring and reporting: Quickly and easily consolidate user access reports for building, zone, network, and remote access. Your ability to monitor and report who is accessing what, when, and from where is a critical component for demonstrating compliance, both for the purpose of government regulations and corporate security forensic investigations.

* System ready; non-disruptive: OneSign interoperates with your existing Pro-Watch and IT network infrastructure. OneSign’s appliance-based packaging enables seamless communication between Pro-Watch and IT security environments for non-disruptive, identity-based convergence. No changes to your Pro-Watch or IT directories are required, no Pro-Watch or IT system modification is required. You can now achieve even greater protection of your enterprise assets while maximising the value of current security infrastructure.

For more information contact Konrad Weinert, sales leader - Africa, Honeywell Systems Group, 27 (0)11 574 2500,


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