Networkable analog intelligent panels offer solution to complex applications

September 99 Fire & Safety

The AFP4000 advanced analog intelligent fire control panel from Notifier is designed to offer powerful and versatile fire detection coverage for larger and more complex applications.

The AFP4000 offers 120 fire and 120 auxiliary zones of coverage. It is available in two basic formats; the AFP4008 provides between two and eight loops of coverage and the AFP4016 may be fitted with between two and 16 loops. Each loop is capable of hosting up to 99 sensors and 99 other devices. These devices may be call points, input units, output units (including monitored sounder circuits) or loop powered sounders. Both types are fully modular and loops may be added in pairs using plug-in PCBs.

Four programmable outputs are provided as standard and may be set as either monitored sounder circuits or volt-free contacts. The panel's modular design allows this to be expanded to up to 24 outputs, as required.

Designed around a large, high resolution liquid crystal display, the AFP4000 is exceptionally user friendly and provides unparalleled information to guide the user in an emergency situation. The display itself gives the user 30 characters of user-defined panel text along with 32 characters of zone text and 32 characters of device text. This is complemented by 120 zonal fire indicators to allow the location of a fire to be determined quickly and precisely, as well as extensive fault and status LEDs.

The screen itself may also be used to display analog information from devices in graphics form. This data can be stored in memory and recalled for trend analysis.

Notifier says that the AFP4000 offers exceptional customisation possibilities. The panel is fully configurable using either its built-in QWERTY keyboard or via PC, and either method can also be used by the system designer or commissioning engineer to enter user-defined messages. Additionally, a 'control by event' matrix allows complex output controls to be achieved from a virtually limitless combination of events.

The flexibility of the panel and its sophisticated configuration programming make it particularly suited to installations requiring complex sounder and control/shut down functions. The AFP4000's ability to monitor non-fire signals allows the panel to be used to integrate ancillary systems into the same package, where standards allow.

Standard AFP4000 panels can be networked together or with other compatible devices via an Echelon/Lonworks network by fitting them with a NION4000 (network input output node). Full peer-to-peer independent communication is provided, as well as event and control filtering at individual stations and comprehensive cross-panel input/output programming.

Full menu driven tests and service functions are provided. Hard copies of results can be provided via a printer option.

A repeater unit, the ARP4000, is also available to complement the AFP4000 series of fire control panels. Up to 31 repeater units may be linked to one AFP4000 control panel.

The AFP4000 series is part of Notifier's extensive range of fire detection systems, panels and peripheral devices, available exclusively through the company's nationwide network of engineered systems distributors.

For further information, contact Shane Nefdt on telephone (011) 363 2418, fax (011) 363 2433 or e-mail

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