An intelligent approach to metal detection

April 2006 Access Control & Identity Management

The Goldfinger III from Saflec hails a new era in high sensitivity, analytical precious metal detection. The basic system comprises a walkthrough frame coupled to PC software running analysis and detection software. A standard security system built around the Goldfinger would have six automatically controlled interlocking doors with search and holding areas with fingerprint readers for the positive identification of the person passing through.

Each person who is to pass through the detector is 'trained' by the software which creates a unique body effect for each person, each direction. This training value is linked to the person with a unique identifier.

When the same person passes through after the training phase, a software comparison is done of the detector reading against the known body effect stored in the database for that individual. Any small changes are then analysed and readings greater than acceptable limits will cause the system to 'fail' the person.

For added security it is also possible to randomly fail a person even though their readings might be acceptable.

People in this detection database are managed by grouping similar individuals together, so you could have various levels of security - having some groups with a higher random search rate, and others with tighter acceptable limits.

Due to the sensitivity of the detector a person should be totally metal free when passing through the detector. To this end a 'Clean' and 'Dirty' philosophy should be implemented with people having work clothing, metal free clothing and home clothing.

Applications include mines, mints, precious metal refineries, jewellery manufacturers, MR examinations, CD manufacturers and IC manufacturers.

For more information contact Gordon Curr, Saflec Systems, 011 477 4760, [email protected]


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