Popular proximity reader available with Wiegand interface.

August '99 Access Control & Identity Management

Videoconferencing, often seen as an expensive option and not a business necessity, is penetrating the corporate environment as the technology comes of age and provides visible measurable benefits. Improved bandwidth, new standards, enhanced systems and price reductions have made videoconferencing far more viable for companies with limited funds.

The quality and choice of systems as well as network availability has dramatically improved. The pay-as-you-use it, dial-up ISDN network is now widely available across the world, radically reducing running costs.

Glynis Hyslop, Managing Director at Videre, the leading supplier of audio-visual communication solutions to the local market, says "In the past, videoconferencing was seen as a luxury but with developments in the industry, it's now become an extremely cost-effective medium for communication.

"Videre offers customers several options for interactive conference or learning sessions, namely: to rent equipment and facilities at Videre's offices or have the equipment set up at the customer's choice of site, or to purchase the equipment.

"Videoconferencing saves time and money and allows participative communication and interaction, enabling companies to make decisions quickly with all the necessary input from parties, whether geographically widespread or not."

Videoconferencing not only saves on travel bills but also dramatically increases productivity, allowing staff to do other tasks instead of spending time travelling.

Standards have also been agreed which allow videoconferencing systems between different manufacturers to interoperate with one another, thereby future proofing investments. New standards are in place which allow the effective sharing of data in a multipoint environment allowing those who cannot be together, not just to see one another but to share files, data and applications throughout the business or learning environment.

For details contact Robyn James, Marketing Coordinator, Videre on tel: (011) 709 1539, fax: (011) 709 1501.

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