New generation low light/high resolution digital colour cameras offered by A'pro Vision

June '99 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

A'pro Vision, as an agent for Southern Africa and distributor for A'Pro CCTV cameras, has announced the launch of its new generation high sensitivity 0.05 Lux (F:1.2) digital colour camera, with resolution of 330 interlaced TV lines. The colour camera can be used as a solution for surveillance at low light, outdoor, underground, bank vaults, store rooms and any other locations, where providing of constant illumination is not possible or desirable.

Equipped with Auto Iris drive (Video/DC), automatic Back Light Compensation and Auto White Balance, the camera can operate with any Auto Iris and Zoom Lens in a variety of situations - perimeter protection, law enforcement establishments, mines, industrial control, garages etc.

Due to its excellent sensitivity specifications and automatic electronic shutter, the camera can be used as a cost effective surveillance solution by using inexpensive fixed lenses. Its high tolerance of applied voltage (7v - 15V DC), together with the adjustable Video Level helps the installer to overcome the usual surprises with the voltage drop for a long distances and allows guaranteed video transmission through normal coaxial cable, up to 1000 meters without any booster.

Based on a full Sony chip sets, the camera boasts excellent quality and reliability. High resolution 480 TV Line options, without compromising the high sensitivity of 0.05 Lux versions are also available. The overall dimensions of the camera (76 mm long x 42 mm diameter, including the outdoor housing, position the unit as one of the smallest C/CS mount finished colour cameras available.

For details contact Nick Hristov on tel: (011) 805 0826, or e-mail:

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