Philips introduces LTC 3995 Series digital video recorders

June '99 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The Philips LTC 3995 Series are video recording systems that record video images digitally on their internal hard drive. Playback of the high quality images it produces is accomplished using a standard video monitor. Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art advanced technology design, these units are easy-to-use for a variety of CCTV surveillance applications including banking, educational, industrial, retail, and medical installations.

Specifically designed with surveillance and security in mind, the LTC 3995 digital recorders offer three recording modes of compression: fully automatic recording at user defined time intervals, manual recording, or event alarm recording. Event alarm can be activated by alarm contact or an external device.

Pictures are recorded using advanced compression technology to maintain high quality color or back and white images. The images are stored in the internal 4.3 GB hard drive. Up to 8 external hard drives can be added through an external SCSI interface. In the playback mode the user can either quickly select individual images or browse through by a search feature without vertical jitter.

The use of a hard disk for storage of images in these recorders provides a reliable solution for modern surveillance and observation. Since the picture is digitally recorded, the image quality remains the same regardless of how many are stored or re-recorded.

Unlike a VCR, which requires head cleaning and maintenance, the LTC 3995 Series digital recorders are virtually maintenance free. Once installed, the system operates without the need for maintenance.

For reliable CCTV recording, the LTC 3995 Series digital recorders provide the system capability, quality, and ease of operation needed for continuous, dependable service.

For details contact Tony Janse of SA Philips on tel: (011) 471 604 or fax: (011) 471 6277.

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