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MS International appointed official Pyronix distributor.
June '99, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

MS International has been appointed the official South African distributor for Pyronix, one of the world's leading manufacturers of security equipment, currently exported to 66 countries world-wide. Pyronix is the largest volume detector manufacturer in Europe.

MS International celebrates 10 years in business

MS International will be moving to its newly customised building, some 6 times the size of its current premises, an indication of the extent to which the business has grown over the last 10 years. 1999 is in fact MS International's 10th anniversary. The company's new offices are located at 377 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg. Information regarding MS International's new contact details will be highlighted in Hi-Tech Security Systems' July issue.

Extensive distribution network

MS International has extended its distribution network, and in addition to its Gauteng and Cape Town offices, it has opened branches in Centurion and Kroonstad, each of which will stock a full range of security equipment and supplies. Sub-distributors have been appointed in Durban, Lusaka and Maputo.

Pyronix - manufacturers of quality security equipment

All processes involved in the manufacture of products in the Pyronix portfolio are undertaken in-house, from the research and development of products, through to the manufacturing and final testing. Sophisticated design systems such as Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM) ensure that Pyronix is able to provide innovative, high quality, reliable products at a highly competitive price.

Approved to BS, EN, ISO 9001 standards since 1992, Pyronix constantly strives to improve the level of quality throughout all of its processes. The company operates strict quality control inspections and every product in the portfolio carries a manufacturer's warranty of up to 5 years. In conjunction with this warranty, all Pyronix products carry the CE mark of approval.

"All Pyronix products are Year 2000 compliant."

Pyronix Colt X5 - a big seller in SA

The Colt XS5 is one of Pyronix's biggest selling detectors in South Africa, boasting high RFI immunity, a competitive price tag and high reliability. Other PIR detectors in the Pyronix stale include the quad element Magnum True Quad, the pet immune Magnum and Enforcer PI detectors, as well as the fuzzy logic based Enforcer Super and QX devices. The Octopus ceiling mounted PIRs round off the range.

A variety of combined technology detectors includes the Equinox range, combining PIR and microwave technology which won Pyronix the IFSEC Security Industry Award in 1996. The Eclipse is a similar combined technology detector, but boasts a unique Pyronix developed microwave 'heart' and offers microwave supervision.

Control panels and kepads

A variety of control panels and keypads, from the simplest 4-zone control panel to the most sophisticated panel with all of the latest innovations, including Upload/Download capability and software control, are also available from Pyronix. Power supplies, communicators and sounders round off a sophisticated and comprehensive range of intruder detection and alarm monitoring solutions.

Covert cameras

Pyronix also offers a range of covert cameras, ranging from the Equinox CCDX camera only model, to the Equinox CCDA Colour device which combines a CCD camera, microphone and PIR in one unobtrusive housing.

These products boast 1/4" CCD colour devices (1/3" monochrome) with pinhole lenses and offer 380 TV lines resolution, 0.5 lux sensitivity (0.1 lux monochrome), and an auto iris shutter.

For details contact MS International in Johannesburg on tel: (011) 618 470, Centurion on tel: (012) 663 9776, Kroonstad on tel: (0562) 61138, Cape Town on tel: (021) 438 0676, Durban on tel: (031) 579 3479, Maputo on tel: (09258) 490 122 o Lusaka on tel: (092601) 225675

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