Perimeter security from Optex.

June '99 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Perimeter security from Optex

Detection of unwanted intruders before they enter the premises is rapidly becoming the preferred route taken by installers of alarm systems today. The method of detection can vary from outdoor Infra-red beams to advanced outdoor passive Infra Red detectors. The advantages of these forms of detection lie in the simple premise that they provide the end user with far more time to react to a situation. At the same time, they prevent the would-be intruder from continuing any further.

Optex AX series active outdoor beams

Optex offers a range of high quality outdoor detectors, with a 5-year guarantee (including lightning). They are available in ranges from 20 meters to 200 meters in the outdoor version. The indoor ranges are from 20 meters to 2,000 meters. Other features include the range's ability to cope with a 99% reduction in signal without creating a false alarm, as well as channel selection to prevent cross talking when stacking. Simplicity of installation and alignment makes this range of beams the ideal installers choice.

Optex BX series

This new range of detectors was launched at Securex '99. This innovative system can be installed in large scale commercial buildings, small offices & stores, residences and other locations where conventional outdoor security systems are generally difficult to install. Coverage is provided via a dual beam covering 30 meters. The ideal application is to protect windows, roll-up doors or large entrances.

Optex VX40 outdoor passive infra red detectors

The VX Series of detectors offers a unique form of detection, by utilising two on board PIR Detectors with different fields of view. Both are required to detect an intruder at the same time, ensuring reliable outdoor detection. To add to this the ability to adjust the range of detection from 2 meters to 12 meters allows this product to be installed in many applications. The detector is supplied with a day/night sensor to be used where detection is only required at night. Optional use of a preprogrammed voice chip allows the system to be used as a warning device in complexes to prevent intruders from entering protected areas.

For details contact Andrew Stead on tel: (021) 448 6390 or fax: (021) 448 6613.

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