Legrand's Mosaic range of self contained access control readers available nationally.

June '99 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Legrand's Mosaic range of plugs, switches and sockets includes coded keypad controls, a self-contained access control reader and electronic keys, designed to efficiently control and monitor access security.

The Mosaic coded 10-key keypad control units, which allow entry into an alarm system protected area, consist of two modules and are available with switch or push button controls.

Self-contained access control readers with electronic keys are designed for the timed control of a circuit, like an electric door release in restricted areas. These units have two signalling LED's and for a corrosion resistant and robust finish, they have a stainless steel surface. This complete kit ready for use, consists of a control reader, a special programming key and eight pre-programmed user keys. Each electronic key, which is equipped with three gold retractable contacts and a label holder for easy identification, has a unique code. An added security feature is that if one of these keys is lost, it can be invalidated by means of the special programming key.

The complete range of Mosaic plugs, switches and sockets, which offers over 100 different functions in domestic, industrial and commercial applications, conforms with SABS specifications. These products enhance flexibility in any installation and are available nationally from Legrand's distributor network.

For details contact Mr Pierre-Yves Etienne, General Manager of Legrand on tel: (011) 444 7971 or fax: (011) 444 7980.

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