Ultrak unveils new line of enterprise security solutions controllers.

Dec '99 Access Control & Identity Management

Ultrak recently announced the release of four new Enterprise Security Solutions Controllers at the ASIS International seminar and exhibits in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ultrak's ESS incorporates this new line of controllers into an integrated single or multihost system to provide enterprise wide security for facilities.

Enterprise Security Controller

At the core of the ESS network is the Enterprise Security Controller (ESC). The ESC functions as a local database server, message router, and interface for a network of field devices. The ESC supports up to 64 000 cardholders (expandable to 1 000 000 cardholders), 256 card readers, 16 arming control stations, 2048 alarm zones, and a 30 000-event storage capability. The 32 bit high-speed (40 Mips) controller provides realtime distributed database functions for access control, intrusion detection, facility control and fire monitoring.

The ESC comes with 4 MB (2 redundant banks) of Flash memory providing downloadable applications and system upgrades, and 16 MB of SD-RAM, expandable to 64 MB for the local database and event storage. The ability to handle up to 128 field devices on the eight RS485 fieldbuses means the ESC provides a scalable system with the ability to grow with customer requirements.

Dual Door Controller

The new Dual Door Controller (DDC) functions as an interface between the ESC, the card readers and associated door hardware. This unit can be configured for a single door with entry and exit readers, or two doors each having a single entry reader. The DDC provides all of the standard door inputs and outputs.

Supported readers include magstripe, Wiegand, barcode, proximity, biometric and smartcard. In the event of a communications loss, fallback support is provided for 200 cardholders and 2000 history events.

Alarm Zone Controller

The new Alarm Zone Controller functions as an interface between the ESC and alarm input devices. The AZC provides 32 unsupervised inputs or 16 supervised inputs, and four relay outputs. This new controller allows the user to define all alarm configurations from the host PC. Inputs can be linked to any output on the system or onboard outputs for local enunciation. The AZC also provides a 2000 event history buffer during loss of communications to the ESC.

Output Relay Controller

The Output Relay Controller (ORC) provides the interface between the ESC and any device requiring relay contacts for control. Typical uses for this controller include signalling devices, locks, and lighting. The ORC features 16 output relays and four nonsupervised inputs, plus an additional set of inputs that can be configured as four nonsupervised or two supervised inputs. All applications and I/O linkages are downloadable into Flash memory eliminating the need to replace EPROMs for application changes and system upgrades. During a loss of communications to the ESC, the ORC can be configured to respond to up to three predetermined local input signals to control the relay contacts, and provides a 2000 event buffer.

"Our new line of Enterprise Security Controllers allows the customer to scale a system to meet their enterprise requirements," said Tom Broyles, Product Line Director of Access Control.

"They can cost-effectively start with a single door and grow the system to support thousands of doors and alarms. In addition, all of the new field devices provide Flash memory for downloading all user definable system parameters. This feature eliminates the need to change EPROMS whenever the system is upgraded."

Planned certifications for the new controllers include UL 294, 365, 864, 1076, 1610, FAR 107-14, DCID 10/21 and CE compliance.

For details contact Jacques Bester of Ultrak SA on tel: (011) 454 0590, fax: (011) 454 0591, or e-mail: jacques.bester@ultrak.co.za

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