Picture Perfect integration

July 2003 Access Control & Identity Management

GE Interlogix's enterprise edition of the Picture Perfect and Access Vision 2.0 enterprise access control and security management system, lets security management delegate virtually all aspects of the security system to appropriate authorised personnel, resulting in effective distribution while maintaining centralised control of the system.

"In effect, a company can have multiple, separate security systems for administration purposes but still maintain centralised control," says Zev Freidus, senior systems product manager for Picture Perfect. "For instance, a US-based company may want system hosts in the United States, Europe and Asia. The security director for each region can be delegated the task of configuring doors, managing employees access, integrating with specific alarms and other tasks. Yet, the master control in the United States will still have ultimate control of all three servers." Multiple synchronised, geographically dispersed servers are especially important for alarm monitoring, Freidus adds. With the enterprise edition of Picture Perfect, each host or region can do its own alarm monitoring while, from the main server, the head security management team can monitor all regions from a single screen. The networked distributed configuration of Picture Perfect enterprise edition also protects the organisation from total network outages. For instance, if the network in one region suffers a malfunction, it has no bearing on the other regions.

Like previously announced versions of Picture Perfect, the Enterprise Edition features a modular architecture and leverages Web-based clients and Web-based reporting to improve access and provide more detailed reporting capabilities. Its visitor system replaces manual visitor logbooks, freeing up valuable time for security personnel. Picture Perfect Enterprise Edition 2.0 also features eFlash, which allows remote, live upgrades of field panels, without downtime. It also provides e-mail pager alarm routing to help security personnel to identify critical alarms remotely.

For more information contact GE Interlogix, 011 805 1590.

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