Reliable fire detection systems

June 2003 Fire & Safety, Security Services & Risk Management

Bosch Security Systems' products are manufactured to detect fire and smoke quickly, accurately and reliably. Its range of reliable and responsive fire alarm and smoke detection products cater for the smallest single panel application to large addressable systems. Furthermore, the award-winning motion detector products have control panels ranging from 6 to 128 control zones, and include photoelectric single and multiple beam detectors.

False alarms are considerably reduced by a wide decision basis (detection of up to 3 different fire parameters) by intelligent evaluation electronics. In addition, MAGIC.SENS has a fast response behaviour over a wide range of fire types. Bosch Security Systems offers customised fire safety solutions including:

* Alarm base sirens.

* Alarm heaters.

* Protective cages.

* Wet room bases.

* Alarm consoles for applications in fire security terminals.

Features include:

* Active self-monitoring of the sensors with display at the fire alarm centre (FAC).

* Fault display in the case of sensor failure (life-zero monitoring).

* Fault display in the case of heavy contamination (instead of false alarm).

* Active adaptation of the response threshold (quiescent value tracing) in the case of contamination of the optical sensor.

* Parameterisability, ie, adaptation to the application size.

* Manual or time-controlled switch-off of individual sensors for adapting to external disturbance variables.

* Control of a remote sensor parallel display possible.

Areas of application include thermal, optical, optical-thermal and optical-chemical.

For more information contact Allan Antoncich, Bosch Security Systems, 011 651 9810.

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