Fire Detection Installers Association Established

March/April 2000 Fire & Safety

The Fire Detection Installers Association (FDIA) has been established, and according to K. Norgate, Chairman of the Association, it has got off to a 'flying start'. After a year of preparation, the FDIA distributed its first membership list in February.

Twenty-eight of the leading fire detection companies have shown support for the association in the Gauteng area alone.

Registered FDIA members include:

AFS Systems, Alpha Pyrosec, Aludie Technologies, Chubb Security SA, FBS Electronics, Fire Secure Systems, Firetech Projects, H&B Controls, HD Fire, Honeywell, Integrated Fire Security, MFS Electronic Projects, Minerva Systems, Multi-Net Systems, Omega, Phoenix Fire & Security, Provicom Industries, RAPS, SE Installations, Security & Fire Projects, Sensor Technologies, Syscom Fire Systems, Westech, and Wideband Electronic Services (all Full Associate members) as well as Allien Systems, Aritech, Sysman, and Ziton (suppliers).

Says Norgate, "After years of working with limited SA Standards, no leadership, no barriers of entry, and no guidance from established fire associations, several companies got together to form their own association."

"Considerable time has been put in, in compiling a constitution, mission statement and set of objectives," he says, "and success in the form of a large membership, support from specifiers, consultants and end-users has ensured a successful future for the FDIA."

Agreement has been struck with the SABS to introduce the British Standard BS5839 Part 1 as the accepted fire detection installation standard of South Africa. All members of the FDIA are in possession of this standard.

Says Norgate, "The Association aims to formulate a relationship with specifiers for a two-way trade of information when working with FDIA members, and meetings, workshops and newsletters are in place to encourage communication and co-operation between fire detection companies and their customers."

For details contact the FDIA on tel: (011) 496 1701, fax: (011) 496 1216 or visit

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