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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018

Fire & Safety

How to cool a flaming situation
June 2000

One of the most dangerous situations a firefighter can face is a gas cylinder in the middle of a blaze unless it has been stored in an insulating jacket made by Nullifire. Experiments by the company ...

ICAM fire and gas detection systems offer very early warning fire detection
June 2000

Most people are familiar with conventional smoke detectors, which are placed on the ceiling of offices, kitchens and hallways. In industrial, commercial, historical or government sites, many of these ...

New detectors offer unprotected ease of access for servicing
May 2000, RFID Technologies

Notifier South Africa boasts a range of highly sophisticated smoke detectors, including the LPX-751 Very Intelligent Early Warning (VIEW) Laser smoke detector and the FSI-751 and FSP-751/751T low-profile ...

Fire Detection Installers association established
November '99

The Fire Detection Installers Association (FDIA) has been established, and according to K. Norgate, Chairman of the Association, it has got off to a 'flying start'. After a year of preparation, the FDIA ...

Assessing your fire alarm system needs - A Q&A for electrical contractors
March/April 2000

Question: The trend in the low-end fire alarm industry - in applications for small and medium-sized buildings - seems to be toward addressable systems and away from hardwired systems. What are some ...

Fire-SA takes the fire industry to the web
March/April 2000

Fire-SA has launched a new online fire protection resource website,, which is intended to list all the fire protection companies, associations and institutions in South Africa. This ...

Fire Detection Installers Association Established
March/April 2000

The Fire Detection Installers Association (FDIA) has been established, and according to K. Norgate, Chairman of the Association, it has got off to a 'flying start'. After a year of preparation, the FDIA ...

Keeping pace with fire detection and prevention technologies
March/April 2000

In line with the revised terms of the Montreal Protocol that banned the manufacture of halon, Chubb Electronic Security makes extensive use of two internationally acclaimed fire extinguishing products....

The latest technologies for eliminating nuisence alarms in fire detection applications
March/April 2000

Today more than ever, there's no place for nuisance alarms in fire detection and alarm applications. No matter the building or environment being protected , nuisance alarms should by and large be considered unnecessary and unacceptable.

Simplex introduces TrueAlarm combination smoke and heat alarm
March/April 2000

Strengthening its ability to provide early warning fire detection solutions in hospitality, dormitory, assisted living and industrial applications, Simplex has introduced a highly flexible combination ...

Keeping Pace with fire detection and prevention technologies
Dec '99

For many years Chubb Electronic Security has worked at the forefront of fire detection and protection technologies, making full use of its extensive links with its various worldwide partners including ...

State of- the art fire protection for De Beers.
October 99

Viisage Technology, a leader in the emerging field of biometrics technology and in providing identification systems and solutions, has announced that it has been awarded a new project to provide a police ...

BMW SA,Rosslyn:emergency evacuation system.
October 99

Firetech Projects recently completed phase one of a prestigious emergency evacuation system in record time at the BMW Rosslyn plant. BMW approached Firetech Projects and WEVS consulting engineers to ...

SPI presents Ventpac as the latest solution to post-fire venting and extracting
October 99

Introducing a new self-contained mechanical extraction system for postfire situations, SPI (Fire Engineering) the specialist gas extinguishing system installations company, has launched Ventpac as a complementary ...

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