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The road to Zero Trust not necessarily paved with gold
Issue 5 2023, Access Control & Identity Management, Information Security
Paul Meyer says that while Zero Trust must be the goal, there are a few potholes to navigate on the journey. Here he expands on these caveats, but also exposes the greatest ally of Zero Trust.

More agile, flexible access management
Issue 5 2023, ASSA ABLOY South Africa, Access Control & Identity Management
Tim Timmins from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions examines the growing shift towards cloud access management. How can organisations benefit, and what should they look for when choosing a cloud access control solution?

Enhancing innovation with training
Issue 5 2023, Technews Publishing, Impro Technologies
Innovation is key to the success of any company in the security market, but ensuring those who sell and support your product are able to promote and support the brand name is critical.

Zero Trust: A paradigm shift in cybersecurity
Issue 5 2023
Zero Trust is a security philosophy that assumes no implicit trust in any user, device, or network within an organisation; it requires organisations to verify and validate every user and device attempting to access resources.

Record number of visitors attend Securex South Africa 2023
Issue 5 2023, Technews Publishing, Securex South Africa , News & Events, Conferences & Events
The turnout at Securex South Africa, held from 6 to 8 June 2023, was staggering, with a record number of 6401 Securex visitors crossing the threshold at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

Expanding focus leads to even greater effectiveness
Issue 5 2023, Leaderware, Surveillance, Security Services & Risk Management
Dr Craig Donald says expanding stakeholder involvement beyond security to operations and production leads to greater control room surveillance effectiveness and the potential of additional budgets from other departments.

From physiology to security technology
Issue 5 2023, Technews Publishing, Access Control & Identity Management, News & Events, Security Services & Risk Management
Zulmira Ferraz has a long history in the security industry and is the founder of ElementC, a security technology development company that provides clients with synergetic technologies solutions to streamline processes and secure their sites.

Security professionals brace for a new wave of emerging cybersecurity threats
Issue 4 2023, Information Security, News & Events
Security professionals have their jobs cut out for them, with 74% saying their organisation’s sensitive data was potentially compromised or breached in the last year, according to Forrester.

Global video surveillance market impacted by China slowdown
Issue 4 2023, Surveillance, News & Events
New research from Novaira Insights reveals that the global video surveillance market declined by 3,4% in 2022 due to a massive 18,6% decline in the Chinese market. However, outside China, most markets continued to grow.

Importance of holistic corporate simulated attack scenarios
Issue 4 2023, Information Security
As cyberthreats relentlessly grow in sophistication, cybersecurity programmes need to adopt a more holistic approach that encompasses simulated attack scenarios beyond just technology, according to Armand Kruger, Head of Cyber Security at NEC XON Systems.

Considerations for false alarm AI systems
SMART Surveillance 2023, Cathexis Technologies, Technews Publishing, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions
The number of false alarms advanced analytics flag as real events can weigh down operators in the control room as most of their time is spent dealing with alerts, only to classify them as false alarms.

Smart systems need smart people to work
SMART Surveillance 2023, Leaderware, Surveillance
With the use of the AI term and adverts talking about intelligent systems and learning, it seems from the marketing narratives, we can almost hand over much of control room security to AI based systems.

Efficiency strategies for installation businesses
SMART Surveillance 2023, Security Services & Risk Management
Operating a security installation business can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing customers, people, processes and technology efficiently. Charles Freedman offers five tips on how to optimise efficiencies.

Women in Security: The drive to succeed
SMART Surveillance 2023, Surveillance
Colleen Glaeser is a success story 23 years in the making, experiencing first-hand the challenges and triumphs that come with pursuing a career in a traditionally male-dominated field.

AI for gun detection and false alarm reduction
SMART Surveillance 2023, Technews Publishing, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management
Sonny Tai, CEO and co-founder of Actuate stopped by the Smart Security Solutions’ stand at Securex to tell us about the company, its history and what it can do to reduce the false alarm rates.

Home security made simple
SMART Surveillance 2023, Technews Publishing, Surveillance, Residential Estate (Industry), Smart Home Automation
Premium Brand Distributors unveiled the eufy Security and Anker PowerHouse products and solutions at Securex, including solar-powered home security cameras, video doorbells and power stations to keep users safe, without Eskom’s help.

Security professionals brace for a new wave of emerging cybersecurity threats
Issue 4 2023
Security professionals have their jobs cut out for them, with 74% saying their organisation’s sensitive data was potentially compromised or breached in the last year, according to Forrester.

Adding edge intelligence to surveillance
SMART Surveillance 2023, Technews Publishing
Built on IoT, AI and Blockchain, Sentronics has developed and released edgE:Tower, an intelligent video surveillance agent built on deep learning AI technology that users simply plug in and run.

Secure Citizen is changing the fight against fraud
Issue 4 2023, Access Control & Identity Management, Security Services & Risk Management
Fraud, identity theft and impersonation are three of the most significant risks South Africans face in an already stressful environment caused by crime, the energy crisis, a growing cost of living/unemployment crisis, and political instability.

Robots: a security opportunity or a threat?
Issue 4 2023, News & Events, Conferences & Events
Professor Martin Gill, Director of Perpetuity Research & Consultancy International and the School of Criminal Justice at the University of South Africa (UNISA), will be holding a Global Thought Leadership Security webinar on 22 June 2023 to discuss the contentious issue of robots operating in the security industry.


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