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Unique solution for protecting products
March/April 2002

A molecular lock and key technology for protecting goods, especially major brands, against counterfeiting and brand corruption or dilution, has been launched to help save millions of pounds for product ...

Putting suspects in the picture
March/April 2002

A technique which turns eye-witnesses' descriptions into a realistic picture image is likely to give police investigating crimes a more accurate picture of potential suspects in the future. The evolutionary ...

Durable seals for cargo industry
March/April 2002, UTC Fire & Security SSA

Aluvin Securiseal, a company that carries a full range of relevant seals for the cargo industry, has recently introduced three new models developed in the United States by E.J. Brooks. The new seals ...

New generation electronic locks
March/April 2002

The Cifitrónica access control system, marketed locally by TeqTrader, is a new generation of electronic locks suitable for integrated or autonomous hotel locking solutions. The multi-user, network configurable ...

Latest technology for security seal
December 2001

With Siris, a new technology security seal, manufacturer Unisto says it has given the South African market a product that offers cost effectiveness, high quality and security. Siris is the result of 75 ...

High-security disposable cable seals
December 2001, Vikela Aluvin

A range of high-security disposable cable seals, suitable for a variety of applications within the electricity industry, is available from Aluvin Securiseal. One in the range is the Multi-Lok Cable Seal, ...

New supplier in security bag and seal market
December 2001

Transvaal Rubber Company (TRUCO) recently announced the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, TruSeal - a manufacturer and distributor of security bags and seals. TruSeal was formed by TRUCO's acquisition ...

Concern over electricity revenue theft
October 2001, UTC Fire & Security SSA

Electricity theft is a major problem in South Africa. This is according to Kevin Norwitz, Managing Director of Aluvin Securiseal, a local manufacturer and distributor of security seals. "There are still ...

Integrated Security Network service
October 2001

Integrated Security Network's (ISN) products and services, available from TeqTrader, are designed to provide solutions for security integrators by improving their financial performance and increasing ...

Combined padlock and security seal
October 2001, UTC Fire & Security SSA

Aluvin Securiseal, a local manufacturer and distributor of security seals, has introduced a combined keyless padlock and indicative seal. The Aria seal, from Envopak in the UK, is designed for use in ...

Special seals for logistics industry
October 2001, UTC Fire & Security SSA

Aluvin Securiseal is successfully marketing two new special seals designed for the logistics industry. According to Kevin Norwitz, Managing Director at Aluvin, the main advantage of these two devices ...

Blick SA, ensuring that every second counts for South African Breweries
September 2001

Just in case you think that it is something new, the company Blick Plc has been active in the field of time and attendance for nearly 80 years, long before the computer was ever dreamed of. In the early ...

New UnitaryLok series
July 2001

Warden Locks has designed and developed the UnitaryLok series specially designed for manufacturers of security gates and grilles. UnitaryLok comes with two types of locking mechanisms, viz: UnitaryLok-L, ...

Choosing the correct security seal
July 2001

With the increase in sophisticated crime choosing a security seal requires extra care. One of the most common mistakes is trying to save money by choosing 'low security' seals - an expensive decision ...

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