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September 2008 News

smart x central intelligence and Technews Publishing will join forces again to host an inaugural technology conference in Windhoek, Namibia next month.

The conference, due to be held on 17 September 2008, at the Windhoek Country Club, is intended to forge firm business relations between the two countries with companies working in the smart technology sector. This will be the forerunner to an annual event across the border, bringing technology updates and providing informative and educational topics to the Namibian public.

Both parties have extensive knowledge of the whole spectrum of smart technology, from smartcards to RFID and all peripheral technologies, having worked in complementary spheres of the industry. By recognising the need for a conference such as this in a neighbouring country, and jointly hosting an annual event, they aim to provide delegates with an holistic view of South African technology developments, applications and best practice advice for adoption in the future.

Smart x central intelligence operates within an international network of professional associations concerned with smart technologies, and is the only professional association for the industry covering southern Africa. Smart x membership is represented by private and public sector end-users, solutions providers and consultants with members in the major business centres of the country. The aim of smart x is to make its members aware of the developments taking place in the industry both in South Africa and internationally.

Technews is the publisher of Hi-Tech Security Solutions, South Africa’s leading security publication addressing the security information needs of installers, systems integrators, consultants and specifiers who design and install security solutions; as well as end-users throughout South Africa.

“We are aiming to provide an informative, productive conference aimed at businesses that currently work with or have a need for a smart technology solution,” says Carol Willis, general manager of smart x central intelligence. “The partnership with Technews Publishing worked exceptionally well with the BiometriX conference, and we recognise the strength in marrying our expertise once again to bring a quality event to Namibia, which is long overdue.”

Presentations will be made by respected industry leaders that will share their expertise and industry knowledge with the audience.

The cost per delegate of the conference, refreshments, lunch and the delegate pack is R850 (excl VAT).


Smart Technology

Windhoek Country Club, Windhoek, Namibia

17 September 2008


In this inaugural smart x conference across the border, the aim will be to provide an informative, productive conference aimed at businesses that currently work with or have a need for a smart technology solution.

Conference chair: Rob Williamson, Smartswitch Namibia


Chairman's welcome and introduction

09:15 - 10:00


Maeson Maherry, [email protected]

Deterring identity fraud and theft, whilst raising security awareness is a critical issue facing many businesses. How can one keep ahead of the wolves?


Breaking ground with multispectral imaging

Charles Laxton, Brand New Technologies

A presentation on ground-breaking new biometric technology, suitable for use in difficult environments. Be the first to hear about the development and history of this technology and what the advantages are to businesses that are currently in the process of deploying their applications.


Refreshment break with networking


Securing your contactless smartcard scheme

Roger Lilley, NXP semiconductors

The smartcard world is rapidly moving to contactless technologies because of improved ease of use and lower maintenance costs. Once the preserve of public transport and access control systems, contactless technologies are now to be found in banking and mobile phone applications too. How can one ensure that such a scheme is secure? How can one overcome the attacks of card-hackers and lock out unauthorised transactions in a contactless environment? Good system integration and a wise choice of semiconductor technology play a major role in such projects.


Physical and logical security convergence

Konrad Weinert, Honeywell Systems Group

Changing paradigms of security threats have brought in the focus on interlinked security breaches and the need for an holistic security management system. This presentation will introduce you to a convergence platform designed to be the gateway between physical (access control, video, visitor management and intrusion) and logical (HR and IT systems) security domains, which enhances security, improves productivity, and minimises errors - all through the coordination and management of data and event across an organisation's mission critical systems.


Lunch break


Wireless communication for POS devices

Hymie Marnewick, X-Link

A high-level case study about adding value to the retail space by providing high speed, cost-effective, wireless communication links between credit card machines and the banks.

14:45 - 15:30

Market overview: SA technology developments and achievements

Carol Willis, smart x central intelligence

An overview of the SA market, and how various technologies have been embraced and used. A candid look at the highs and lows of adopting new technologies and change management in the marketplace.

For more information, contact Carol Willis at smart x central intelligence on +27 (0)11 462 1690 or via e-mail at [email protected]

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