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1 January 2020 Conferences & Events

Hi-Tech Security Solutions will be hosting a full-day Residential Estate Security Conference in Durban on 12 March 2020, focusing on ‘Meeting Estate Security Challenges in 2020 and Beyond’. The event will focus on identifying, understanding and dealing with a variety of challenges modern estates face, highlighting the best technical and process-oriented approaches to streamline estate security and operations.

You can’t turn around these days without hearing about how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world. In reality, there has been an enormous amount of AI research and development over the past few years, with the resultant technology impacting many industries and sectors – including security.

Gerhard Furter, head of R&D; at Iris AI, will deliver the keynote at the Residential Estate Security Conference. Gerhard will give delegates a brief introduction into what AI really is, the various disciplines under the AI banner, and most importantly, what AI can really do for estates to enhance their security and operational efficiencies without breaking the bank.

Finally, he will also provide delegates with a practical, real-time demonstration of what AI is capable of doing today. It’s not about splitting the atom, but more about making full use of technology to do more than either humans or ‘old’ technology have been able to do. Delegates will learn that AI can make an even bigger impact on day-to-day security and operational chores than any of us thought possible.

Drones on patrol

Bertus van Zyl, managing director of Drone Guards, will also be on hand to highlight how drones can be used – legally and efficiently – to streamline security and reduce the mundane tasks of your human workforce. This is not pie-in-the-sky, but a model of business that has been proven and is in operation in various estates around South Africa.

In addition, given the challenges surrounding the commercial use of drones, van Zyl will also discuss the legal process Drone Guards had to navigate before it could offer drone security services to estates, plus insights into how it deals with the additional privacy issues and permissions estates will face when residents hear the word ‘drone’.

To see more of the agenda and to register for the Residential Estate Security Conference, go to, or contact Dominique on +27 11 543 5816, or


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