Wireless alarm system

Issue 4 2021 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Hikvision’s new generation AX PRO wireless alarm system brings powerful, intuitive security and IOT convergence to the residential and commercial markets. The AX PRO range is comprised of a wide range of wireless intrusion detectors, accessories, video alarm verification devices, smoke, heat and CO2 detectors as well as IOT accessories which combine to offer a comprehensive smart wireless solution.

Underpinning the wireless connectivity is Hikvision’s proprietary TRI-X and CAM-X technologies which focus on the key areas of range, power consumption and system security to offer top performance in wireless intrusion.

Boasting a range of up to 2 km open air distance between devices with the option of adding signal repeaters, almost any installation scenario is catered for while intelligent power management algorithms in the TRI-X and CAM-X protocols allow for up to five years of real-world use battery life expectancy, which translates to a lower cost of ownership throughout the life of the product. Integrity of the system is maintained thanks to its EN Grade 2 certification which protects against jamming and interference, ensuring that your wireless intrusion system is always on guard.

Ease-of-use was kept in mind throughout the development of the AX PRO systems, device management and notifications are accessed via the HikConnect app with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces allowing for simple configuration and notification management aimed at end-users, while professional installers using the Hik-ProConnect platform gain access to powerful tools allowing for centralised multi-site system configuration and management, cross device alarm-linkages between access control, CCTV and wireless intrusion systems and device health and status reports.

A key differentiator to traditional wireless intrusion systems is the development of the CAM-X technology which allows for up to 800 m transmission of snapshots captured on a Hikvision PIRCAM intrusion detector. These snapshots are fused into a 7-second video file and pushed to the user’s HikConnect app for video verification, bringing situational awareness to an intrusion event.

Alarm centre notification is taken care of through multiple redundant systems, ensuring that alarm signals are always transmitted, no matter the environment. Dual-Sim capability along with LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity are on offer along with a cabled connection to FSK radios covering the traditional communication means.


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