Securing healthy worksites

Issue 3 2021 Access Control & Identity Management, Products

The difference between traditional access technologies and healthy access solutions is their purpose. Traditional access keeps the wrong people out and the right people in, while healthy access keeps sickness out.

High throughput, robust analytics, automation, touchless authentication, temperature screening and mask detection have kept people healthy during the pandemic and helped businesses meet local guidelines for operation. Such technologies will continue to be important because they reduce the spread of illness while boosting employees’ confidence that they won’t get sick at work.Reducing crowding at doors, limiting access to people wearing masks and screening for healthy temperatures all contribute to a healthy business.

Companies like Invixium have adapted to the pandemic by expanding their offerings with solutions for the security industry while the world continues to change at a rapid pace. Invixium’s IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit is one solution end users have invested in to improve health, safety, security and productivity at work. IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit uses touchless face recognition while wearing a mask and temperature screening to limit staff’s contact with communal surfaces and prevent sick people from entering a worksite. And, Invixium solutions are integrated with major access control panel brands to meet the needs of a variety of businesses.

One mine in South Africa installed this solution to help respond to COVID-19. After just a few months of use, mine managers report that 500 people move through turnstiles during shift changes in just a few minutes. Using IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit, mine employees clock in using two factors (touchless face recognition and card), get their temperature screened and go to work. This access solution will resist damage from the surrounding rugged environment thanks to its durable construction and Invixium emphasises that the product has room to grow to meet whatever needs the future holds.

The pandemic challenges the security industry at every moment. As more challenges emerge, some solutions from 2020 may become obsolete – but many security companies are already seeking ‘what’s next’ for the industry so personnel can remain safe, healthy and productive at work.

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