Dahua Technology unveils plans in its 2021 core product launch

Residential Security Handbook 2021: Smart Estate Living CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Dahua Technology released its core product launch at its 2021 Kick-off Meeting. Interpreting its mission of ‘Enabling a Safer Society and Smarter Living’, the company launched the following:

• The WizSense/WizMind series, which focuses on the AI value transmission.

• HDCVI 6.0 Plus that offers continued advancement in over-coax technology.

• Full-colour 2.0, which provides excellent performance under extreme low light conditions, driving innovation to an AIoT future.

Recent technological developments are driving the industry into an AIoT era. However, the real and feasible applications and the values that the applications can bring to end users are the key driving forces. As a leading product and solution provider, Dahua Technology not only launches the technologies, but also focuses on addressing and solving users’ pain points.

AI (WizSense/WizMind)

The global attention on AI is soaring. According to Marketsandmarkets [1], the global video surveillance market size is expected to grow from $45,5 billion in 2020 to $74,6 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 10,4 percent. Developments related to technological advancements, like AI and deep learning, have increased the need for launching new and innovative products to tackle the security crisis at every level. AI and deep learning are being adopted in various applications, providing opportunities for the video surveillance market.

To better classify and present its AI products and solutions, and accurately deliver the value of AI to its customers, Dahua Technology released the channel series WizSense and project series WizMind last year. In 2021, these two series will continue to evolve, demonstrating the innovation and strength that Dahua Technology has in the field of AI.

Focusing on humans and vehicles, the WizSense series is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized application scenarios such as villas, shops, warehouses, exclusion areas and personal outdoor properties like fishponds and orchards. With limited budgets, owners/managers of these properties often face the lack of important features such as human/vehicle recognition, intelligent target search, etc., in their security systems. Now with WizSense, these dilemmas are gone.

Featuring SMD 3.0, AI coding and Active Deterrence, the WizSense series products and solutions provide powerful, intelligent functions, simple configuration and a wide range of products, making AI inclusive for everyone. Powered by upgraded Smart Motion Detection technology (SMD 3.0), WizSense provides accurate alarms for humans and vehicles with an improved animal-filtering rate, allowing users to focus on what really matters. It also offers cameras with a warning light and siren, as well as real-time push notifications on mobile phones to help users deter intruders and eliminate potential risks.

Moreover, it also comes with the Intelligent Target Search function that allows users to search targets by alarm trigger type, significantly improving target search efficiency and saving users’ time and labour costs.

For larger verticals

Aimed at empowering verticals with leading AI technology, the WizMind series is, on the other hand, competitive in providing accurate, reliable and comprehensive AI-powered smart solutions to a variety of vertical industries, including safe cities, rail transit, traffic management, judiciary, buildings, retail, energy, etc. With adequate budgets, projects from these industries can enjoy the convenience brought by advanced AI functionalities and high-level customisation.

Powered by AI chipsets and deep learning algorithms, WizMind features many technical highlights, including video metadata, face recognition, privacy protection, wide area security, illegal parking, ANPR, thermal imaging, object monitoring, etc. Providing comprehensive human-oriented solutions, WizMind enables rapid and precise reaction on what matters to you.

In addition, it also features a more precise and effective AI search function to locate targets, generating various human data for further business analysis. Boasting multiple vehicle-based AI solutions, it provides more attributes of vehicles for easy control, quick search and business analysis. What’s more, WizMind combines deep learning algorithms with thermal imaging technology to help users achieve ultra-long distance monitoring in harsh environments, non-contact temperature monitoring and early fire prevention.

HDCVI 6.0 Plus

As a Dahua Technology patented technology, HDCVI continues to evolve to protect customers’ investments. In 2021, with the continuous boost in the inclusiveness of AI XVR, as well as the optimisation and innovation of the front-end cameras, HDCVI 6.0 Plus takes a step further by developing a coaxial HD video surveillance system that maintains its easy-to-use features, leading the over-coax AI evolution.

Featuring Real 5MP, Super Adapt and Enhanced AI, the HDCVI 6.0 Plus series is recommended for small and medium sized scenarios like shops, warehouses, streets, etc. These scenarios have high requirements on high-definition images and effective identification of targets, but often face budget constraints.

Commercialised first by Dahua Technology, the Real 5MP camera provides 5 MP high definition with a 16:9 video output that features superior clarity and undistorted image quality. Super Adapt, another innovative technology that Dahua Technology proposed and realised first, enables cameras to automatically recognise and adjust to various monitoring environments such as indoor, outdoor or intense lighting, providing preferable image performance. Enhanced AI functions offer accurate alarms for humans and vehicles, as well as quick target search, changing post-query into pre-prevention to enhance security efficiency.

Full-colour 2.0

As one of the company’s key focuses, Full-colour this year will enter into a 2.0 era. Full-colour 2.0 features a comprehensive product system and AI applications that can serve a broader customer base.

Based upon the technological strength of Dahua, 4K and zoom technologies have been introduced to Full-colour 2.0 to bring high performance. For customers who have adequate budget and require high image quality, they will surely enjoy the quality experience brought by Full-colour 2.0. For customers who have limited budgets, Full-colour 2.0 also provides products with balanced price and performance. Meanwhile, AI-powered functionalities like Active Deterrence, Perimeter Protection and AI Search are of vital importance in pre-event deterrence, during-event interference and after-event backtracking, reflecting the essence of the Full-colour slogan ‘Colourful View Ever, Dark World Never’.

Dahua’s Full-colour 2.0 series can be deployed in scenarios with low Iight condition, such as streets, parks, villas, etc., as it guarantees colour monitoring 24/7. By helping users obtain the coloured details of people and cars in dark environments, it improves retrieval efficiency and provides convenience for event evidence collection.



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