Optimal security through integrated solutions

Residential Security Handbook 2021: Smart Estate Living Integrated Solutions

The benefits of integrated security solutions for residential estates are well documented. Estates that have moved from implementing a range of independent security solutions to an integrated approach can testify to the improvements experienced in their security posture and the long-term financial benefits of managing everything centrally.

Bidvest Protea Coin has been providing integrated security to estates for many years and is experienced in integrating not only technology solutions, but also technology and human resources to deliver the best solutions for clients.

Sharon Naude.

Bidvest Protea Coin’s experience and expertise within the residential estate environment, positions it perfectly to address the unique demands associated with the protection of residents, property and the management of visitors and facilities. The task of combining leading-edge integrated security solutions in an environment that delivers consummate luxury and an aspirational lifestyle, and has inherent challenges which the company and its teams are experienced at managing.

The comprehensive solutions offering starts with a stable fibre infrastructure to ensure the intercommunication of all solutions. Then, advanced perimeter and surveillance solutions, access control, visitor management, central control room and panic solutions form the building blocks of Bidvest Protea Coin’s integrated security solution, which is specifically designed for residential estates.

The advanced CCTV functionality and analytics provided include licence plate recognition, facial recognition, line crossing, loitering; intrusion zones all on a single VMS platform. “Our VMS platform supports most legacy CCTV systems, which reduces the upgrade cost and provides a futureproof solution,” says Sharon Naude, national business development manager for BP Bidvest Protea Coin.

With the global spread of COVID-19, many regulations have been imposed on organisations to ensure the safety of employees and visitors. Bidvest Protea Coin has various solutions and initiatives in place to assist the estate in carrying out the regulatory screening protocols and its end-to-end fever screening solutions have been rigorously researched and tested.

“Our objective is to provide a comfortable transition from the current status quo to an advanced, integrated and futureproof solution, and simultaneously deliver risk mitigation, improved safety and tangible value to the HOA,” states Naude. “We work closely and discreetly with our estate clients to mitigate known risk, identify weaknesses and establish tailor-made protective measures that minimise the risk and meet the needs of each client. Our skilled project management and technical installation and maintenance teams are constantly upskilled in the latest technology offerings and installation standards.”

Recent advances in technology have now resulted in further integrations to better serve residential estate clients, as well as individuals and families on the estates.

An eye in the sky

UAV & Drone Solutions (UDS) is a Bidvest Group company specialising in providing drone security services to clients. With this new service, Bidvest Protea Coin has been able to improve estate security significantly because of the speed and flexibility of drone operations.

“One of the primary benefits of deploying our drone service when integrated with other, more traditional services, is that estate security and operational management are in a better position to make informed decisions, faster, based on the most up-to-date information,” says Naude.

“The integration of drones as a surveillance tool provides our clients with the ability to improve safety and security by providing a positive impact on the overall deter, detect, delay and detain principles of security. As part of the overall safety and security management plan, drones offer fast visual verification and detection of potential safety and security threats, enabling the estate to initiate risk-appropriate responses in record time.”

Drones can be used for a number of security and operational functions, which include, but are not limited to:

• Scheduled perimeter patrols where the drone team conducts scheduled fence patrols, with the objective to detect breaches and or vulnerabilities on the perimeter.

• CCTV surveillance based on fixed surveillance footage, indicating suspicious activities and or security breaches.

• The agility of the drone allows for quick first responder actions in the event of intruder or panic alarm activations.

• Incidents including security and safety emergencies (including fire and flooding) can be managed and observed with the aerial view, allowing for appropriate response readiness and decreasing potential delays.

• Drones can also be used to support non-security operations such as environmental and engineering inspections, structural surveys such as rooftop inspections, contractor monitoring and various other applications.

Personal and family security

Keeping up with the latest in technology as well as consumer preferences, BPC has also released an Emergency Response App, named Response24+. With this app, users can, for a small monthly fee, have an instant panic button at their disposal wherever they are, not only in their homes, which will alert security and medical response services should something go wrong.

More than simply summoning help, families can keep tabs on each other’s location (with an accuracy of 5 m), even being able to summon assistance on behalf of someone else. Groups can be created for friends and family, who can also be notified if someone needs help. Geo-fencing is also possible, which can ensure that kids don’t stray off the estate, for example.

“Security today is no longer about a camera or guard,” concludes Naude. “A secure lifestyle is dependent on an integrated mix of people and technology, all working together for optimal results. Bidvest Protea Coin is known and respected for its ability to provide a holistic, quality security solution, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of its residential estate clients.”


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