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Residential Security Handbook 2021: Smart Estate Living Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Most homes in residential estates do not have alarms installed because the owners rely on the security systems put in place protecting the whole estate. In estates where homeowners do install their own alarm systems and contract external response services, this can often cause problems as panic callouts will be delayed by the hassle in getting through the entrance.

Olarm, born in Cape Town, has developed hardware and software solutions specifically for response services, consumers and estates. The extensive solution protects homeowners and their families anywhere on the estate (not only in the home), even those with existing alarms, and also simplifies the processes, technology and management of the estate’s control centre. It also provides a boost to the estate security team’s performance, as they are able to easily respond to calls for assistance anywhere on the estate, instantly.

Command Centre

Estate control rooms are complex affairs requiring the integration of multiple technologies if the operators are to be able to manage everything from the much vaunted ‘single pane of glass’. Olarm has also made control room operations much simpler with its Command Centre software. All the control room needs is a computer with connectivity (Naturally, other necessities such as backup power sources and connectivity should also be considered).

No expensive software updates are needed as the software is web-based, ensuring estates always run the latest version and is accessible only by authorised staff. Once an account is created for each user, the system is ready to go. Moreover, since the software is designed for local conditions, minimal training is required before operators can manage the system effectively.

Any alarms triggered on the estate grounds will immediately appear on the Command Centre screen, not only identifying the unit or individual concerned, but when the end-user is out of their house, their location will also be determined via GPS and displayed on the screen. The operator will then be able to decide what action to take.

Even estates that retain the services of security providers and armed response companies will benefit, as the control room will be able to direct responders to the exact location where assistance is required. This ability for people to communicate with the control room will also allow them to provide relevant details to the responders, ensuring everyone knows what is happening from the first alarm event until the case is closed.

Olarm Pro: making your alarm smart

Olarm Pro makes existing alarm systems smart and currently supports Paradox, DSC, IDS and Texecom, with more integrations in the works. The Olarm Pro devices are simple to install and connect to your existing alarm, and gives the customer full control via Olarm’s easy-to-use smartphone app. All the user does is scan the QR code on the device from the app and they have full control of their alarm system in their hand.

Not only can alarms be activated, deactivated and triggered via the app (such as a panic button), but the user can also cancel a call out in the case of a false alarm (also from the app), without having to call anyone. This naturally reduces the number of false alarms and pointless call-outs security operators have to deal with.

Olarm takes the app out of the house and covers the whole estate by giving homeowners access to security services from anywhere with the estate footprint. Should someone require assistance while out on a walk or on the golf course, for example, triggering the panic alert will instantly send their coordinates to the control centre and the relevant personnel can be dispatched to the correct location.

For homeowners not wanting a full alarm installation, smaller apartments and complexes that have no alarm system in place, Olarm will be launching the Olarm Mini, a low-cost, standalone all-in-one alarm that operates off batteries. Users can install it in their homes easily and connect it to the app. The Olarm Mini then functions as their alarm system, warning them via the app when motion is detected. Users can then decide whether it is an emergency or not, deactivate the alarm and activate it again, from wherever they are.

Smarter, simpler and cheaper

With the Olarm system installed, estates will not only turn conventional home alarms into smart alarms, adding 21st century functionality even to older alarms, but it will also empower the end user to take control of their alarm in a way not seen before and avoid expensive rip and replace upgrades and keep costs low for homeowners. The estate control room will also become smarter and simpler, with operators being able to focus on their jobs instead of learning how to use various bits of technology.

Most importantly in today’s economic climate, the cost of setup and ongoing ownership of an estate’s security control room setup will decrease significantly, while the efficacy of the security function will increase as the security team and homeowners are able to communicate and manage their own security with ease.

Olarm is continually integrating new products and services into its estate solution and we will soon see additional high value features and products seamlessly working with the solution.

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