SIM management tool for IoT security devices

Issue 9 2020 IT infrastructure

In the security industry, it is important to make sure critical services using mobile connectivity are reliable. What most companies sell is a perfectly working service that their customers can depend on.

While there can sometimes be teething problems with IoT device management and on-boarding, as long as these are quickly sorted, it is a good experience for the customer. For many security devices, having reliable SIM supply with quick activation and ongoing management becomes important.

SIM management can appear easy when you start off, but quickly becomes complicated as your SIM base grows. Having an experienced partner to help manage your SIM fleet gives you a great advantage. This includes bulk SIM supply, an online platform specifically built for IoT SIM management, and an experienced technical support team.

With over a decade of experience in SIM management for security devices, SIMcontrol has become the proven standard for simple, reliable and cost-effective SIM management. SIMcontrol works with existing SIMs from all major mobile networks, giving you the choice to match the best SIM type suited for each type of device.

Security technology has specific requirements from an IoT/M2M connectivity viewpoint, things which have become standard features of the SIMcontrol service over the years. This includes SIM-level reporting, SIM-level spend caps, data session history, SIM health checks, roaming options and many more. Because devices are typically not physically reachable, remote troubleshooting is vital.

No single SIM is ideal for every application. Business Prepaid, Top-Up, Managed APN or Global Roaming options all offer different pros and cons. Whether you are deploying alarm systems, tracking devices, guard monitoring systems, panic buttons, cash boxes, remote CCTV or any other security technology, SIMcontrol can assist you to find, deploy and manage the best SIM for the job at a cost that suits your business model.


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