Are your employees at work?

1 April 2020 Access Control & Identity Management

Organisations, big or small, often find that managing the time and attendance of their employees is a tedious, time-consuming and costly exercise. Human errors and/or fraudulent timekeeping are real and are an additional expense for an organisation. Time and attendance policies vary from one company to the next and it is challenging to ensure accurate capturing of this data.

Matrix’s fully automated time and attendance software makes it simpler, easier, and enhances the productivity of your organisation and staff. The software is automated attendance management software that accurately and safely records attendance data – allowing you to generate various reports for further action/s. The software does not only save administrative costs, but also facilitates human resources to centrally manage the companies’ attendance policies from multiple locations. This enables them to easily manage and review employees’ appraisals and/or monthly salary calculations.

The software allows for automatic calculation of overtime worked, as well as leave balances, and enables managers of various departments to work more efficiently. The software can be used as a standalone or network-based system and is ideal in the following work environments: schools, universities, hospitals, government institutions, banks or remote sites.

Some benefits of using Matrix time and attendance software:

• Centralised time and attendance management of multiple locations.

• Monitoring time and attendance in real time.

• User-friendly attendance marking and processing.

• HR can manage multiple shifts and overtime shifts effectively.

• Instant notifications of exceptions.

• Live attendance tracking for immediate correction.

• Scheduled reports for your convenience.

• Customised reports for follow-up action.

• Accurate and timely salary data for payroll.

• Solutions for any business, big or small.


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