Benefits of surveillance

May 2012 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Retail (Industry)

There are numerous benefits to installing a CCTV solution in your office or home, says Chubb Fire and Security. CCTV will deter unauthorised people from entering your premises; detect specific unwanted activity; monitor events by maintaining visual contact with the premises and assist in responding to events by using real time visual feedback.

A CCTV installation can be incorporated into your office gate intercom system or home automation system enabling you to manage and verify who is at the gate without leaving the safety of your office or home. In addition, a surveillance camera can watch over babies or toddlers sleeping or playing in another room as well as monitor the exterior of your office/home to protect against break-ins or vandalism. Business and home owners are also becoming more demanding about their home and business security requirements with many upgrading to either the latest technology or expanding their protection to include outdoor protection and CCTV installations.

Robbery statistics are down in the retail sector as retailers are spending more on installing sophisticated equipment to not only prevent general pilferage and armed robberies, but also to protect the safety of their clientele. The equipment being installed includes various types of CCTV cameras.

CCTV is a critical security tool, not only for security requirements but as a day to day management tool. The presence of CCTV has the potential to reduce crime and a proper, well designed system will reduce manpower costs and improve efficiencies. Shrinkage will be considerably reduced with the introduction of a CCTV system.

CCTV camera applications can be used in commercial, industrial, manufacturing and domestic environments. There are a multitude of different cameras available, depending on the specific application.

Face and number plate recognition cameras

These high-definition cameras are applicable where facial or number plate recognition is important.

Pan, tilt and zoom cameras (PTZ)

These cameras can be manned and operated either on or off site, and allow the user to zoom in or change the angle of the camera (pan, tilt and zoom) to obtain a better vantage point.

Infrared (multi focal) cameras

These cameras are suitable for day and night viewing, specifically in poor and varying light conditions.

Wireless cameras

These cameras are applicable to sites with no cable trays/trunking to lay cable to a DVR or monitoring centre.

IP cameras

These cameras allow connection through an existing LAN network, with the restriction of only allowing authorised users to view footage.

Wireless cameras with alarm input and SMS facility

Wireless infrared detectors can be combined with a wireless camera for high risk areas. The camera will transmit 15 second video clips via the GPRS network to a cellphone on alarm activation.


The option exists to have a dial-in facility to view cameras remotely with real-time recording. Footage can then be saved to either a hard drive or memory stick.

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