Web server for fire alarm control panels

October 2002 Fire & Safety

Notifier has introduced its new Noti-Fire-Net (NFN) Web server, a Web-based service designed to offer facility managers remote access to their Noti-Fire-Net network of fire alarm control panels. Via the Internet or an intranet, facility managers can now access information on their panels directly from their computers.

Dave Tamulevich, network product manager, states, "With the NFN Web server, operators can cross-examine systems, on or off-site. This added convenience and accessibility allows them to obtain and analyse data needed to make sound decisions in the event of a trouble condition or alarm."

Operators link to the Internet using a secure password and user access record, and get connected to a network of Notifier fire alarm panels or a single fire alarm control panel with a network module. The NFN Web server provides a 'snapshot' of the data on the entire Noti-Fire-Net network. With its user-friendly graphical interface, operators can view the event history of a fire alarm control panel and track a system's status, device properties, and other information.

For more information contact Shane Nefdt, Honeywell-TeqTrader, 011 805 1201.

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