Proximity exit technology

August 2011 Access Control & Identity Management

Request-to-exit proximity switches increase the reliability of door egress functions.

Security Technologies Group (STG), represented in South Africa by G2 Security, has announced the availability of a range of request-to-exit (RTE) proximity switches intended as non-contact door egress switches.

The proximity RTE switches use solid state infrared technology. By placing a reflective surface (a hand or finger, for example) within approximately 50 mm of the sensor, the unit will operate a relay changeover contact that can be used to actuate a door lock. The unit’s sensor emits a specifically pulsed infrared signal and will only operate when it sees its own signal reflected back; so is not susceptible to false triggering, for example from fluorescent lighting.

The RTE is ideal for use in clean rooms and laboratories where minimum contact with objects is required to reduce the risk of cross contamination or any application requiring non-contact egress.

Said Denis Kane, director of STG, “We have released these units as replacement for the traditional exit pushbutton switches previously used for valid egress from a controlled door. We have seen that using mechanical push switches has introduced unreliability into an access control system as they are a known point of failure. Any mechanical device is bound to fail in the end due to daily wear and tear. The use of a proximity device drastically reduces system downtime as they have been designed to address and overcome this issue.”

The proximity RTE switches are available in a variety of different formats, each designed to suit the various individual installation applications dictated by site conditions.

DRPR001 is constructed on a stainless steel switch plate. This model has a black window instead of a symbol, and has DOOR RELEASE engraved at the bottom of the plate. This unit also has an LED to visually indicate activation and a user selectable integral sounder to audibly indicate activation. Mounting is via standard single gang flush back-box.

The DRPR002 is constructed on a white PVC single gang switch plate and is available with two different symbols: ‘/H’ a green hand or ‘/M’ green man. Mounting is via standard single gang flush back-box.

The DRPR003 is constructed on a white PVC narrow architrave switch plate and a surface mount back box and is available with two different symbols: ‘/H’ a green hand or ‘/M’ green man.

For more information contact G2 Security, +27 (0)87 940 9322,,


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