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Centurion releases ChronoGuard
September 2009, Access Control & Identity Management

Centurion Systems has created a world first, developed in South Africa, a new, patented technology called ChronoGuard.

ChronoGuard is a feature in Centurion’s new line of sliding gate operators and traffic control barriers that adds a timing functionality to its equipment. Using the integrated LCD and seven-day timer, the user can programme the controller to auto-activate certain functions, and time-bar others.

D10 sliding gate operator with ChronoGuard controller
D10 sliding gate operator with ChronoGuard controller

For example, suppose the user is having a party on a particular date. The gate motor can be set to auto-activate the opening function thereby holding the gate open during the hours of the party. This type of programming can be set to recur daily, weekly, annually or once-off on any given date and time.

Alternatively, a business owner can exercise greater control over access to the premises by limiting employees’ access to the building to standard business hours. This is achieved by simply time-barring the remote controls of employees that need to be restricted. This restriction can be applied intelligently, time-barring some remotes, but not others.

Another example where this could be of benefit is managing the security of a boomed complex. Security managers can program the controller to allow vehicles to freely exit the complex during daylight hours, but time-bar the free-exit feature at night. Only residents with remotes may then conveniently leave the complex in the evening. All guests and other personal must pass through a controlled security checkpoint before being allowed to exit.

The new sliding gate controllers also introduce a new infrared beam alarm feature. The safety beams should be installed on every automated gate installation to ensure safe operation, now double up as anti-tamper security beams. The system can be configured to sound an alarm or route a signal to an alarm panel if an intruder is loitering around the property, or deliberately vandalises the beams to hold the gate open during a break-in or attempted hijacking.

For more information contact Adam Butchart, marketing manager, Centurion Systems, +27 (0)11 699 2467,

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