Improved smoke detection

August 2009 Fire & Safety

New Bosch smoke detectors offer early detection and exact localisation of fires.

Bosch Security Systems is extending its 420 Series aspirating smoke detectors with a version offering very early detection and localisation of fires. The new aspirating Smoke detector TM features ROOM-IDENT. This feature enables individual identification of up to five rooms and quickly tracks down the source of a fire in four phases, displaying the result both on the unit itself and on the Bosch Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series. The new TM version also features a 10-digit bar graph for monitoring smoke pollution.

The TM detector unit is capable of protecting areas of up to 400 m² even under challenging environmental conditions. Potential application areas include hotels, small server rooms and small high-rise warehouses.

The complete 420 Series provides three models, all specially designed to interface with the Bosch Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series with the extended features of LSN improved technology (local security network).

Bosch’s LSN bus system uses the master-slave principle, with all smoke detectors, remote indicators, fire alarm devices, intrusion detectors, keypads, arming devices and sounders connected to it. The network can be flexibly structured with loop, stub or tee-off configurations; the possibilities are additionally extended by interfaces with inputs and outputs and zone expanders. Power and data are transmitted over two wires. LSN improved technology and modules accommodate currents up to 1 500 mA at distances up to 3000 metres.

Smoke aspiration systems take air samples from the monitoring area through a pipe system with defined air sampling openings and pass the samples to the Aspirating smoke detector. The air is channelled through a detection chamber that has been specially developed for applications of this kind. In the detection chamber, extremely sensitive sensors ensure very early warning to provide sufficient time to extinguish a fire or take other necessary action.

Depending on the response sensitivity of the module, the aspirating smoke detector triggers an alarm when the appropriate smoke density is reached. This alarm is displayed on the unit and is also transmitted to the fire panel.

An airflow sensor checks the connected pipe system for breakage and obstruction, and an intelligent signal processor compares the measured smoke level with known disturbance variables (such as dust, draughts and electrical interference) to determine whether an alarm is real or false. This allows for very high sensitivity and ensures reliable operation even in challenging situations with high ceilings, extreme temperatures, dirt or moisture. In addition, all products of the 420 series use a high-power light source (HPLS) which makes the detection modules much more sensitive than conventional detectors.

Praesideo 3.3 available

Bosch Security Systems has announced the first emergency sound system to be fully certified by TÜV to the new EN54-16 and ISO 7240-16 safety standards.

An example of the extended functionality includes new zone-status indicators that show a fault status when any failure of equipment or cabling prevents a specific zone from being addressed. Other functionality extensions relate to voice alarms, outputs to fire alarm devices and managed evacuation. Furthermore, the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the system has been upgraded to EN50130-4 levels for alarm systems and, with that upgrade, both hardware and software fully comply with the obligatory and optional requirements of EN54 and ISO 7240.

Certification of compliancy to EN54-16 and ISO 7240-16 has been granted by TÜV, the independent German quality and safety organisation. The TÜV is also the organisation that formerly granted EN60849 and IEC60849 certification to the Praesideo equipment, software and production following extensive independent testing.

For more information contact Colin Kahn, product manager: fire detection systems, Bosch Security Systems, +27 (0)11 651 9803,


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