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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory

September 2015

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From the editors desk

You’re on your own

I had a strange experience recently. I have been a ‘member’ of an online site for some time, a few years actually, in order to receive a weekly email from them. This was not an important site in that ...

  Making the business case for integrated security
Honeywell Building Solutions, System Integration, Security Services & Risk Management

With a focus on improving business process management, it is worth looking holistically at how security systems can impact the workflow of a company.

  Local manufacturers going strong despite challenges
Technews Publishing, News

Hi-Tech Security Solutions surveyed four leading local manufacturers to get their thoughts on the state of the South African security industry, and to catch up on their recent and imminent developments.

  Milestone celebrates partners
Milestone Systems, Training, Conferences & Events, CCTV, Surveillance, News, Enterprise Solutions, System Integration

Milestone Systems recently held its second MPOP Africa event in Fourways, ­Johannesburg, in which the company invites partners and users to join it for an ­update on what Milestone is doing.

  Increasing safety levels through risk evaluations
G2 Security, Fire Systems Training, Fire & Safety, Training, Conferences & Events

Millions of Rands of damage to property and person are incurred by undetected or uncontrolled fires every year. A three-pronged solution is required to address this problem.

  Efficient and environmentally friendly fire suppression
Fire & Safety, Products

An obstacle to fire safety is that standard dry chemical powder (DCP) handheld extinguishers are often specified. Although DCP extinguishers are highly-effective, they offer minimal cooling properties.

  Outside air – good for buildings
Fire & Safety

This article looks into various techniques and illustrates how the Referencing technique employed by Xtralis VESDA detectors can effectively guard against nuisance alarms while ensuring the building environment is adequately protected.

  Breaking the cables
Miro distribution, This Week's Editor's Pick, IT infrastructure in security

Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked Bertus van Jaarsveld, CEO of MiRO distribution, to highlight some of the benefits involved in doing away with wires in your security networking.

  Wireless security systems: past, present and future
Industrial (Industry), News

Clym Brown, marketing director of Texecom reviews development trends and explains how the latest technology is creating a new generation of wireless security equipment.

  ISO 9001 revision imminent
Security Services & Risk Management

Changes to the ISO 9001 standard will have a significant impact on risk managers as well as security managers tasked with managing corporate risk.

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