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IT infrastructure in security

TETRA takes firm hold in Europe and the Middle East with five major contract wins
May 2000

Motorola has confirmed its place as one of the most important suppliers of TETRA-based terminals and infrastructure solutions with the announcement of five new multimillion dollar contract wins across ...

The role of Tetra technology in South Africa's Public safety market
May 2000

South Africa's emergency services and municipalities have inherited very poor communication capabilities due to fragmented systems. This has resulted in an inability for them to effectively communicate with each other. TETRA has the potential to radically improve the effectiveness of service delivery so crucial for the South African public sectors.

Telnor Satellite Tracking opens Johannesburg office
May 2000

Telenor Satellite Tracking is expanding its operations with a new office in Johannesburg, South Africa. A leading global provider of satellite tracking and telemetry services, the company already has ...

Motorola radios to the rescue
March/April 2000

Emergency workers from around the world have been pouring into flood-stricken Mozambique to rescue thousands of victims left stranded by a series of cyclones that have wreaked havoc in southern Africa ...

Adapter converts video to fibre
March/April 2000, Gallagher

The BEAMER-V distributed by Eagle Technology is a high-quality, low-cost fibre-optic transmission system designed to transmit colour or B/W video at distances up to 3 km. Each system consists of a transmitter, ...

Plessey instals satellite earth station for Telkom South Africa
Dec '99

Midrand now boasts an impressive new addition to its horizon as Plessey, one of South Africa’s largest black controlled telecommunications companies, announced that the organisation has completed a contract ...

Communications security: encryption becomes affordable.
Dec '99

This Article has been prepared to provide a framework for decision makers to assess their own needs .

Thumbs up for Pilot's fingerprint recognition sytem.
Dec '99

The Marconi Communications company from Coventry in the English Midlands says it has been commissioned to provide a new-generation system that conforms to the new terrestrial trunked radio (Tetra) standard ...

Nanoteq's Code Voice Mobile handset adds security to mobile trafic.
Dec '99

It is estimated that, in most developed countries, the volume of mobile telephone traffic now equals the volume in fixed networks. As mobile traffic continues to increase, the use of fixed services is ...

Cell Secure -Global Security Manager (GSM)
Dec '99

The CellSecure GSM communicator was developed out of a need for a reliable and cost effective method of two-way communications from security systems and industrial applications to monitoring control rooms and customers."This disscusion looks at how CellSecure GSM brings something innovative and compelling to the market.

Primary Image announces new range of digital recording products .
August '99

Primary Image has added a new dimension to digital storage in its 2nd Eyes Plus family of recorders. The V200, V600, Diamond and Access Station systems all answer specific problems frequently found ...

COMSEC Technologies sees the formation of a major new technology force
July '99

The South African security industry is set to witness the emergence of a major force resulting from the merger of SEE Group and Pi Electronic Security (a division of QD Electronics) into a new focused operation to be named, COMSEC Technologies, as from 1 July 1999.

The ACTivator -Vital in an Emergency
June '99

ACT's revolutionary new technology for the Ultra-Rapid charging/conditioning of two-way radio batteries, has gained general acceptance as being a necessary and vital piece of equipment for Fire Departments, ...

COMSEC Technologies sees the formation of a major new technology force
July '99

COMSEC Technologies sees the formation of a major new technology force The South African security industry is set to witness the emergence of a major force resulting from the merger of SEE Group and ...

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