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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2017

Fire & Safety

Defeat false fire alarms
October 2017, G2 Security, Products

The design and planning of effective false alarm management starts with the fire risk assessment and the specification of an appropriate fire system.

Secure emergency exits in seconds
October 2017, Technoswitch, Products

The SMART+SHIELD offers a simple cost-effective solution to the misuse of emergency exit doors.

Kentec protects Joburg bank
October 2017

A new life safety system based around Kentec’s control panel technology is protecting a major Barclays Bank installation in Johannesburg.

Trends in commercial property
October 2017, This Week's Editor's Pick

The task of protecting people and property in emergency situations requires careful attention and appropriate investment.

Unconventional manual call point
October 2017, Technoswitch, Products

Professionally designed and engineered to provide maximum performance, the SyCALL is quick and easy to install, and delivers maximum visibility.

Fire detection for warehouses
September 2017, FDIA (Fire Detection Installers Association), This Week's Editor's Pick, Associations

Following a recent major fire in a Durban warehouse, we deem it necessary to discuss ways in which warehouses need to be protected against fire.

Mircom lights up Africa
September 2017, News

The Mircom Group of Companies is an independent Canadian designer, manufacturer and distributor of intelligent fire and life safety solutions and is now looking for partners in the African region.

Fire suppression for server rooms
September 2017, C3 Shared Services, Products

Server rooms, electrical switches and power distribution cabinets are second only to human capital, which is why effective fire suppression systems in the workplace are so important.

False alarm management solution
August 2017, G2 Security, Products

AlarmCalm is a powerful and flexible way to manage false alarms that is simple to set up and configure.

The faster-fixing cable clip
August 2017, Technoswitch, Products

The Linian fire-resistant cable clip is flexible and suitable for application across a wide range of industries.

Intelligent fire detection
August 2017, Bosch Security Systems, Products

The ability to detect smoke and fire as early as possible is the single most important feature of any fire prevention system and its detectors.

Water mist systems explained
August 2017, Spero Sensors & Instruments

Water mist has extremely favourable properties that make it a preferred fire suppression system compared to other technologies.

Assisting African fire fighting
August 2017

MSA Africa has teamed up with non-profit organisation Africa Fire Mission and High Pressure Systems (HPS) to donate essential fire fighting equipment to Machakos County in Kenya.

Defeat false fire alarms
August 2017, Technoswitch, Products

False alarms are common and when they occur, can cause major disruption and major financial penalties.

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