Managing people’s attendance and time

1 March 2020 Access Control & Identity Management

Your employees at your establishment are your most valuable asset and their time is just as important. Biometric devices and solutions must be chosen wisely to fully reap the benefits of time & attendance policies. Managing people’s attendance, along with access control is a basic, yet critical challenge for any organisation. The complexity of time & attendance and access control, due to organisational structure, hierarchy and disparate operational needs is often underestimated. It is very difficult to automate and capture time & attendance rules, because of the diversity in attendance, timings, leave policies from one person to another and one department to another.

Matrix COSEC’s time & attendance solutions meet these requirements by offering flexibility in attendance policies, configuration, integration and report generation. The Matrix solution can seamlessly be integrated with any third-party payroll system.

The Matrix access control solutions support multiple credentials such as palm vein, fingerprint and RFID card, multiple connectivity options and SMS/email notifications that will fulfil the time & attendance requirements of all organisation types. Some of the features include:

• Mark attendance using multiple credentials.

• Auto data push from device to server.

• Selectable entry/exit modes.

• Late-in/early-out policy.

• Overtime policy and authorisation.

• Absenteeism policy.

• Shifts and schedules.

• Holidays and restricted holidays.

• SMS/email notifications.

• Leave management.

• 150+ reports and charts.

• Integration with Payroll, ERP or HRM software.


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